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Information about our holdings

Closed Collections Schedule

As part of its ongoing commitment to preserving and improving access to its holdings, the Beinecke has begun an aggressive campaign to process its backlog of manuscript collections. Please be aware that some archival collections at the Beinecke will be closed during processing. Please note: Many of the collections listed below are scheduled for temporary closure in preparation for a major renovation of the Beinecke to begin in May 2015. These temporary closures, which include several of the library's most frequently consulted collections, will last from six to eight weeks.

The Beinecke offers the following alphabetical list as a service to its readers who are planning research trips. These lists are subject to change and updated regularly. Dates given reflect the 1st day of the month.

Collection Call Number Closed From Closed Until
1968 Paris Street Ephemera Collection Uncat MSS 670 Jul-14 TBD
Account of the first Japanese diplomatic mission to the United States Uncat MSS 1064 Jul-14 TBD
Adams Express Company correspondence 2014.wa.49 May 2014 September 2014
Andrew Smith Gallery records 2014.wa.6 February 2014 December 2014
Anon Uncat.MSS.1133 Jul-14 TBD
Arcadie Collection Uncat MSS 830 Jul-14 TBD
Arredondo, Joaquin de, Collection Uncat WA MS Arredondo Jul-14 TBD
Aseman, Bernard Nevada mining investment records 2014.wa.60 May 2014 September 2014
Austin, Stephen Collection Uncat WA MS 92 Jul-14 TBD
Baldwin, James early manuscripts and papers JWJ MSS 21 November 2014 December 2014
Barrie, J. M. collection Multiple call numbers January 2015 TBD
Beckwith Collection Uncat MS Vault Beckwith Jul-14 TBD
before the bombardment MS Vault Shelves Sitwell, Osbert Jul-14 TBD
Benet Family papers Uncat Za Ms Benet
Za Ms Benet, William Rose
Uncat Za Ms 158
Uncat Za Ms 261
Uncat Za Ms 294
January 2015 TBD
Benet, Stephen Vincent papers Za Ms Benet, Stephen Vincent January 2015 TBD
Benet, William Rose papers Za Ms Benet, William Rose January 2015 TBD
Bernstein, Charles papers 2013.ycal.68
September 2013 December 2014
Berry, Duchesse de Collection Uncat MS Vault 154 Jul-14 TBD
Boutet, Claude Collection Uncat MSS 613 Jul-14 TBD
Brace, Jacob Collection MS Vault 10:2 Jul-14 TBD
Burton, Richard Collection MS Vault Burton
Uncat MS Vault 54
Jul-14 TBD
Byrd, Don papers 2014.ycal.39 June 2014 August 2014
Campbell, Metson & Brown records 2014.wa.53 May 2014 September 2014
Camus, Albert Collection Uncat MSS 446 Jul-14 TBD
Carson, Rachel papers YCAL MSS 46 November 2014 December 2014
Cave Canem records 2013.ycal.66 September 2013 December 2014
Chifney, Samuel Collection Uncat MSS 482 Jul-14 TBD
Cohen, Lucy Kramer papers (addition) 2014.wa.78 June 2014 December 2014
Cooper, James Fenimore collection YCAL MSS 415 September 2014 October 2014
Copper Mountain Mine in Vavapai County, Arizona report 2014.wa.52 May 2014 September 2014
Crane, Walter papers Uncat MS Vault Crane
MS Vault Shelves Crane
Crystal Coal Company report 2014.wa.51 May 2014 September 2014
D. Mackenzie and Co., Inc. and O. P. Fife Company records 2014.wa.55 May 2014 September 2014
Dreier, Katherine S. papers / Societe Anonyme archive YCAL MSS 101 September 2014 October 2014
Du Bois, W. E. B. collection JWJ MSS 8 November 2014 December 2014
Eady, Cornelius papers 2013.ycal.55 August 2013 December 2014
Edwards, Jonathan collection GEN MSS 151 July 2014 October 2014
Fairbanks Mining and Milling Company ledger book 2014.wa.26 May 2013 September 2014
Feelings, Tom papers (addition) 2013.jwj.15 September 2013 December 2014
Fields, Danny papers. 2013.genm.141 January 2014 August 2014
Ford, Charles Henri papers Uncat MSS 700
Uncat MSS 1020
February 2014 December 2014
Franklin, Benjamin collection MS Vault Franklin January 2015 TBD
General Print collection Uncat MS Vault Prints June 2011 October 2014
Goodman, Lee papers Uncat MSS 1118 September 2013 TBD
Graham County, Arizona roll of electors 2014.wa.39 May 2014 September 2014
Guajardo, Luis Alberto papers WA MSS S-668 September 2014 TBD
Guest, Barbara papers Uncat Za MS 271
Uncat MSS 402
Uncat MSS 947
January 2015 TBD
Hall, Ron Collection Uncat.MS Vault.744 Jul-14 TBD
Hapgood Family papers YCAL MSS 41 November 2014 December 2014
Hartley, Marsden collection YCAL MSS 578 November 2014 December 2014
Hilles, Frederick W. manuscript collection and papers MS Vault Hilles January 2015 TBD
Himes, Chester papers JWJ MSS 42 November 2014 December 2014
Hoban, Lillian papers 2013.genm.79 September 2013 September 2014
Hodges, Frederick S. papers 2013.wa.138 May 2013 September 2014
Hodges, John C. papers Uncat MSS 731 May 2013 September 2014
Horgan, Paul papers Multiple call numbers January 2014 October 2014
Hurston, Zora Neale collection JWJ MSS 9 November 2014 December 2014
Indiuta Mining and Power Company certificate 2014.wa.50 May 2014 September 2014
Island Improvement Company records 2014.wa.58 May 2014 September 2014
Jackson collection of LaFayette MS Vault LaFayette January 2015 TBD
Jenson, John L. storyboards 2014.wa.25 May 2013 September 2014
Johnson, Grace Nail letter to Marshall Best 2011.jwj.1 May 2014 September 2014
Jolas (Addition) Uncat MSS 650
Uncat MSS 815
Jul-14 TBD
Joyce, James Collection MS Vault Joyce Jul-14 TBD
Kant, Immanuel Collection Uncat.MS Vault.580 Jul-14 TBD
Koch, Frederick R. collection GEN MSS 601 November 2014 December 2014
Landberg Arabic manuscripts Landberg MSS TBD TBD
Lewis, Sinclair papers YCAL MSS 268 November 2014 December 2014
Linton, William J. papers Multiple call numbers TBD TBD
Loy, Mina papers YCAL MSS 6 November 2014 December 2014
Luhan, Mabel Dodge papers (portions) YCAL MSS 196 July 2014 October 2014
Lytton Collection MS Vault Shelves Lytton
MS Vault Lytton
MS Vault Lytton 1
MS Vault Lytton 2
Jul-14 TBD
MacKenzie, Norman Collection MS Vault MacKenzie
Uncat MS Vault 409
Uncat MS Vault 412
Jul-14 TBD
Marinetti Collection Marinetti # May 2014 July 2014
Martinelli, Sheri papers Uncat ZA MS 164
ZA MS 643
May 2014 October 2014
McKay, Claude JWJ MSS 27 November 2014 December 2014
Miller, Henry papers YCAL MSS 472 November 2014 December 2014
Mills Family Collection Uncat.MSS.1154 Jul-14October 2014
Mina, Francisco Javier Collection Uncat MSS 45 Jul-14 TBD
Mitzel, John papers 2013.genm.80
September 2013 October 2014
Morath, Inge papers 2014.genam.5 May 2014 December 2014
Morrell, Arthur W Collection Uncat MSS 1090 Jul-14October 2014
Morse, Charles A. Collection Uncat.MSS.1121 Jul-14 TBD
New Haven East/West Association records MS Vault New Haven East
MS.Vault.New Haven West
O'Flaherty, Liam Collection "Uncat MS Vault O'Flaherty
Uncat MS Vault 99
Uncat MS Vault 331
Jul-14 TBD
Oxford University Collection MS Vault Oxford Jul-14 TBD
Parker, E., Dr. papers 2011.jwj.42592 May 2014 October 2014
Pearson, Norman Holmes papers Multiple call numbers June 2014 November 2014
Pickens, William papers Uncat MSS 392 May 2014 October 2014
Poe, Edgar Allen collection Uncat Za MS Poe October 2013 TBD
Porter, Cole Collection ZA Ms PorterJul-14TBD
Pound, Ezra papers YCAL MSS 43 November 2014 December 2014
Pratt, Richard H. papers Uncat WA MS 220
Uncat WA MS Pratt
May 2014 November 2014
Race riots in America in 1919 collection 2012.jwj.12 May 2013 November 2014
Read, Edward Parker papers 2014.jwj.4
May 2013 November 2014
Redgrove, Peter Collection Uncat MS 923 Jul-14 TBD
Reid Collection MS Vault Shelves Reid Jul-14 TBD
Rictus, Jehan Collection Uncat MS 282 Jul-14 TBD
Rochambeau and West Indies Collection Uncat MS Vault 223 January 2015 TBD
Ruskin, John collection Multiple call numbers July 2014 September 2014
Sandoval, Judith Hancock de. Photographic ArchiveUncat MSS 495
Uncat MSS 1280
September 2014 TBD
Secombe, Thomas Collection Uncat MS Vault 491 Jul-14 TBD
Seitz, Robert Collection MS Vault Shelves Seitz Jul-14 TBD
Sheffield, Lord John Baker Holroyd Collection MS Vault 10:3 Jul-14 TBD
Sheldon, Charles Collection MS Vault 9:1 Jul-14 TBD
Shively, Charley papers 2013.genm.67 July 2013 December 2014
Simpson, M.C.M. Collection Uncat MS Vault 583 Jul-14 TBD
Slough, John P. Uncat WA MS Slough July 2014 October 2014
Smith, Frank L. and Max Spiegal theater collection 2012.jwj.16 May 2013 September 2014
Snow, W. M. Western mining engineer collection 2014.wa.57 May 2014 December 2014
Sprague, Chrighton Clarke Collection MS Vault 11:2 Jul-14 TBD
Spinelli archive GEN MSS 109 September 2014 October 2014
Stacks Reference SRef #, SRef +#, SRef # (oversize) May 2014 July 2014
Stanton, Thaddeus Uncat.MSS.1076
July 2014 October 2014
Stein, Gertrude, and Alice B. Toklas papers and collection YCAL MSS 76
November 2014 December 2014
Stein, Leo collection YCAL MSS 78 November 2014 December 2014
Steinberg, Saul papers Multiple call numbers January 2015 TBD
Stettheimer, Florine and Ettie papers YCAL MSS 20 November 2014 December 2014
Stevenson, Robert Louis, Edwin J. Beinecke collection of GEN MSS 664 September 2014 October 2014
Steward, Samuel Papers GEN MSS 987 September 2014 October 2014
Stiles, Ezra and Stiles Family papers MS Vault Stiles
Uncat.MS Vault.109
Uncat.MS Vault.321
January 2015 TBD
Taweko family papers 2014.wa.41 May 2014 September 2014
Texas, A Collection of Mexican Letters and Documents Uncat WA MS Texas July 2014 October 2014
Thayer, Scofield / Dial papers YCAL MSS 34 September 2014 October 2014
Thornly, Gilbert Collection Uncat MS Vault 116 Jul-14 TBD
Tonopah North Star Tunnel and Development Company records 2014.wa.59 May 2014 September 2014
Toomer, Jean papers JWJ MSS 1 November 2014 December 2014
Totheroth, Daniel. Certain Mr. Scratch, original shooting script Uncat Za MS 34 March 2014 TBD
Tsugawa, Albert papers 2014.wa.42 May 2014 September 2014
U.S. Army Western Defense Command Uncat MSS 161 May 2014 TBD
U.S. Council of National Defense Collection MS Vault 11:2 Jul-14 TBD
Van Vechten, Carl letter to Mrs. Whiteson 2011.jwj.2 May 2014 September 2014
Van Vechten, Carl papers Za Van Vechten
Multiple call numbers
January 2015 TBD
Vaughan, Ralph M. Uncat.MSS.1051 July 2014 October 2014
Vigny, Alfred Collection Uncat MS Vault 573 Jul-14 TBD
Wallace, Edward S. Uncat WA MS Wallace July 2014 October 2014
Warren, Robert Penn (Addition) ZA MS 425
Uncat ZA File 341
May 2014 TBD
Webb, Albert Uncat MSS 681 July 2014 October 2014
Wescott, Glenway papers (portions) YCAL MSS 134 TBD TBD
Weston, Bartlett Hardy. Uncat.MSS.1067 July 2014 October 2014
Western mining collection 2014.wa.62 May 2014 December 2014
Western mining promotional material collection 2014.wa.61 May 2014 December 2014
Western Reserve Stock Company records 2014.wa.19 May 2013 September 2014
Wharton, Edith, Anna Catherine Bahlmann papers relating to YCAL MSS 361 November 2014 December 2014
Wheeler, Monroe papers YCAL MSS 136 TBD TBD
White, Walter and Poppy Cannon papers JWJ MSS 38 November 2014 December 2014
White, Walter printed material 1943.jwj.0101-bc May 2013 September 2014
Wilder Family papers Multiple call numbers January 2015 TBD
Wilder, Thornton papers (addition) Za Wilder January 2015 TBD
Williams, William Carlos papers YCAL MSS 116 September 2014 October 2014
Wilshire Bishop Mine Company records 2014.wa.48 May 2014 September 2014
Wilson, Stilman L Collection Uncat.MSS.1127 Jul-14 TBD
World Performance Project records 2013.ycal.57 August 2013 December 2014
Wright, Ellen and Walter Goldwater correspondence 2011.ycal.58 May 2013 September 2014
Yale Collection of American Literature letter collection YCAL MSS 446 November 2014 December 2014
Yale Papyrus collection P.CtYBR TBD TBD
Yale Poetry Review collection Uncat Za MS Yale Poetry Review October 2013 TBD
Yeats, Sidney Kilner Collection Uncat MSS 251 Jul-14 TBD
Zerbe, Jerome photographs and papers 2013.genm.134 November 2013 September 2014



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