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Information about our holdings

Closed Collections Schedule

As part of its ongoing commitment to preserving and improving access to its holdings, the Beinecke has begun an aggressive campaign to process its backlog of manuscript collections. Please be aware that some archival collections at the Beinecke will be closed during processing. Please note: Many of the collections listed below are scheduled for temporary closure in preparation for a major renovation of the Beinecke to begin in May 2015. These temporary closures, which include several of the library's most frequently consulted collections, will last from six to eight weeks.

The Beinecke offers the following alphabetical list as a service to its readers who are planning research trips. These lists are subject to change and updated regularly. Dates given reflect the 1st day of the month.

CollectionCall NumberClosed FromClosed Until
Aitken, George letters to the Reverend John AitkensOSB MSS 107May 2014July 2014
Albornoz, Carrillo de, and Aldama Families papersUncat MS Vault 822October 2013May 2014
Alleyne, Thomas papersOSB MSS 95May 2014July 2014
Amherst, Earl of Arracan, letters to Sarah, Countess of ArracanOSB MSS 91May 2014July 2014
Andrew Smith Gallery recordsAccession 2014.wa.6February 2014December 2014
Anglo-Portuguese relations papersOSB MSS 76May 2014July 2014
Astle correspondenceOSB MSS 30May 2014July 2014
Atterbury papersOSB MSS 26May 2014July 2014
Aust, George papersOSB MSS 71May 2014July 2014
Aust, George papers concerning the Secret ServiceOSB MSS 148May 2014July 2014
Baker, Vashon naval documentsOSB MSS 111May 2014July 2014
Baley, Abraham, account books kept for Lord PelhamOSB MSS 183May 2014July 2014
Balguy papersOSB MSS 127May 2014July 2014
Ballitore papersOSB MSS 50May 2014July 2014
Barrett, Joseph, Letters toOSB MSS 89May 2014July 2014
Barrington, Samuel letterbooksOSB MSS 85May 2014July 2014
Bateman family papersOSB MSS 32May 2014July 2014
Beauchamp-Proctor, Sir William papersOSB MSS 65May 2014July 2014
Bernstein, Charles papersAccession 2013.ycal.68
Accession 2013.ycal.95
September 2013December 2014
Bessborough papersOSB MSS 55May 2014July 2014
Birchall papersOSB MSS 11May 2014July 2014
Biscoe newslettersOSB MSS 163May 2014July 2014
Blagden, Sir Charles papersOSB MSS 51May 2014July 2014
Blathwayt, William papersOSB MSS 2May 2014July 2014
Book trade collectionOSB MSS 33May 2014July 2014
Boswell, James collectionGEN MSS 89April 2014June 2014
Boswell, James collection : additionGEN MSS 150April 2014June 2014
Bowles papersOSB MSS 34May 2014July 2014
Bowyer, William papersOSB MSS 105May 2014July 2014
Brenton correspondenceOSB MSS 35May 2014July 2014
British forces in the Mediterranean, papers related toOSB MSS 124May 2014July 2014
Broch, Hermann archiveYCGL MSS 1April 2014June 2014
Broch de Rothermann, H. F. papersYCGL MSS 2April 2014June 2014
Brodsky, Joseph papersGEN MSS 613April 2014June 2014
British forces in the Mediterranean, papers related toOSB MSS 124May 2014July 2014
Brooke, Rupert letters to Dudley Ward and to Frances CornfordOSB MSS 149May 2014July 2014
Bry, Doris papersUncat MSS 433
Uncat MSS 1037
May 2014September 2014
Bruce, John collectionOSB MSS 73May 2014July 2014
Buckingham papersOSB MSS 174May 2014July 2014
Burney family collectionsOSB MSS 3May 2014July 2014
Burney family collection addition: prints and drawingsOSB MSS 97May 2014July 2014
Cadell & Davies letters from various authorsOSB MSS 139May 2014July 2014
Caesar, Julius, in Britain, notes onOSB MSS 94May 2014July 2014
Campbell, Thomas papersOSB MSS 106May 2014July 2014
Canning, George family papersOSB MSS 87May 2014July 2014
Carlingford papersOSB MSS 5May 2014July 2014
Cave Canem recordsAccession 2013.ycal.66September 2013December 2014
Chelsea Review recordsUncat MSS 267
Uncat MSS 720
Uncat MSS 770
Uncat MSS 829
Uncat MSS 860
Uncat MSS 893
Uncat MSS 893
Uncat MSS 951
Uncat MSS 992
Uncat MSS 1011
Uncat MSS 1044
April 2014tbd
Ciphers collectionOSB MSS 12May 2014July 2014
Clayton papersOSB MSS 40May 2014July 2014
Clemens, Samuel papersUncat Za Clemens
Za Clemens 206
Za Clemens 58
February 2014September 2014
Clinton papersOSB MSS 168May 2014July 2014
Collection of British case abstracts and opinionsOSB MSS 118May 2014July 2014
Collection of music-related autographsOSB MSS 114May 2014July 2014
Compton family papersOSB MSS 122May 2014July 2014
Courtney, William Prideaux, letters toOSB MSS 115May 2014July 2014
Cowell, George letters to Josiah CowellOSB MSS 128May 2014July 2014
Crane, Walter papers tbdtbd
Crase, Douglas and Frank Polach papersAccession No. 2014.genm.7March 2014August 2014
Croker papersOSB MSS 37May 2014July 2014
Cruse, Harold collectionUncat JWJ MSS CruseMarch 2014tbd
Damer family papersOSB MSS 123May 2014July 2014
Danby papersOSB MSS 6May 2014July 2014
de Bourbel, Henry papersOSB MSS 102May 2014July 2014
de Havilland, Thomas Fiott correspondenceOSB MSS 136May 2014July 2014
Deadwood: scripts, manuscript.Accession 2013.wa.115December 2013June 2014
Dennistoun correspondenceOSB MSS 56May 2014July 2014
Dickinson, Richard family correspondenceOSB MSS 142May 2014July 2014
Digby, Kenelm Henry collectionOSB MSS 81May 2014July 2014
Disch, Thomas papersUncat MSS 3
Uncat MSS 904
Uncat Za Ms 230
Uncat Za Ms 409
March 2014September 2014
Disney papersOSB MSS 21May 2014July 2014
Dobson, Silvia papersUncat Za MS 112October 2013tbd
Eady, Cornelius papersAccession 2013.ycal.55August 2013December 2014
Eardley-Wilmot correspondenceOSB MSS 54May 2014July 2014
Edelman, Louis F. collection of scriptsAccession 2013.wa.117December 2013June 2014
Edwin, Elizabeth Rebecca scrapbookOSB MSS 59May 2014July 2014
Egmont papersOSB MSS 22May 2014July 2014
Ely, Nevada reportsAccession 2013.wa.135
Accession 2013.wa.136
Accession 2013.wa.137
December 2013May 2014
Erdoes, Richard papers (2010 addition)Accession 2010.wa.39736August 2013July 2014
Exton, Richard Brudenell collectionOSB MSS 82May 2014July 2014
Farquhar, Robert Townsend letters to Robert DundasOSB MSS 112May 2014July 2014
Feelings, Tom papers (addition)Accession 2013.jwj.15September 2013December 2014
Freeling correspondenceOSB MSS 36May 2014July 2014
Fields, Danny papers.Accession 2013.genm.141January 2014August 2014
Ford, Charles Henri papersUncat MSS 700
Uncat MSS 1020
February 2014September 2014
Ford, Ruth papersUncat Za File 721
Uncat Za File 722
Uncat MSS 1231
Uncat MSS 1232
Uncat MSS 1233
Uncat MSS 1239
Uncat MSS 1248
Uncat MSS 1249
Uncat MSS 1257
Uncat MSS 1259
Uncat MSS 1261
Uncat MSS 1285
Uncat MSS 1302
January 2014June 2014
French Revolutionary Wars Letters and DocumentsOSB MSS 25May 2014July 2014
Fryer family papersOSB MSS 121May 2014July 2014
Gallagher, William D. papersZa GallagherMarch 2012tbd
Galloway Survey Office papersUncat MSS 101October 2013July 2014
Gallup, Donald papersZa File 189
Za File 676
Uncat Za MS 91
Uncat Za MS 531
Uncat MSS 19
Uncat MSS 48
Uncat MSS 55
Uncat MSS 56
Uncat MSS 111
Uncat MSS 178
Uncat MSS 728
Uncat MSS 497
Uncat MSS 1018
February 2014tbd
Garrick, David papers from the Thomas Rackett collectionsOSB MSS 125May 2014July 2014
General Print collectionUncat MS Vault PrintsJune 2011tbd
Gilchrist, James papers relating to his service with the Royal NavyOSB MSS 117May 2014July 2014
Gilpin Co. Colorado Mining papersUncat WA MS 230January 2013June 2014
Goodman, Lee papersUncat MSS 1118September 2013tbd
Greatheed, Bertie papersOSB MSS 68May 2014July 2014
H. D. papersYCAL MSS 24April 2014June 2014
H.M.S. Investigator, Logbook and journal fromOSB MSS 150May 2014July 2014
Haas, Robert Bartlett papersUncat Za MS 438October 2013tbd
Hamblin, Howard papersUncat WA MS 222October 2013June 2014
Hamilton, Lady Mary papersOSB MSS 75May 2014July 2014
Hanover royal music archiveOSB MSS 146May 2014July 2014
Hanscombe family account booksOSB MSS 175May 2014July 2014
Hastings correspondencesOSB MSS 14May 2014July 2014
Hawks, William & S. B. papersUncat WA MS HawksOctober 2013July 2014
Haydon, Samuel James Bouverie, correspondence toOSB MSS 120May 2014July 2014
Heiden, Count Louis letters to Admiral CodringtonOSB MSS 83May 2014July 2014
Helburn, Theresa papers (addition)Uncat MSS 959
Uncat MSS 1245
November 2013July 2014
Henley, William collectionUncat MSS 116
Uncat MS Vault 450
Uncat MS Vault 619
Uncat MS Vault 642
Uncat MS Vault File
March 2014tbd
Heyworth, Laurence collection of English religious manuscriptsOSB MSS 172May 2014July 2014
Hickin, John collectionOSB MSS 69May 2014July 2014
Higham correspondenceOSB MSS 38May 2014July 2014
Hill papersOSB MSS 31May 2014July 2014
Hoban, Lillian papersAccession 2013.genm.79September 2013June 2014
Hoggins, Andrew papersUncat WA MS 100September 2013June 2014
Hollander, John papersZa Hollander
Uncat MSS 1001
February 2014July 2014
Horgan, Paul papersvariousJanuary 2014tbd
Horseman family papersOSB MSS 126May 2014July 2014
Howard of Escrick papersOSB MSS 61May 2014July 2014
Huggins family papersUncat MSS 1143September 2013June 2014
Hughes, Langston papersJWJ MSS 26April 2014June 2014
Hunt, Henry papers concerning his business in FranceOSB MSS 147May 2014July 2014
Jacob, Robert papersUncat MSS 291
Uncat MSS 376
January 2013tbd
Johnson, James Weldon collection filesJWJ FilesNovember 2013July 2014
Johnson, James Weldon and Grace Nail Johnson papersJWJ MSS 49April 2014June 2014
Johnston, John of Grange family papersOSB MSS 153May 2014July 2014
Johnstone, Andrew James Cochrane letters to Viscount MelvilleOSB MSS 101May 2014July 2014
Kagan, Paul papers (addition)Uncat MSS 1124October 2013June 2014
Kent, Charles papersOSB MSS 78May 2014July 2014
Kent, Victoria collectionUncat MSS 1034March 2014tbd
Keppel correspondenceOSB MSS 47May 2014July 2014
Kore Press recordsUncat MSS 850February 2014September 2014
Lambert, John letters to Thomas AdamsOSB MSS 140May 2014July 2014
Landor papersOSB MSS 23May 2014July 2014
Lavington papers: Stuart negotiationsOSB MSS 43May 2014July 2014
Lawrence, D. H. papersMS Vault Shelves LawrenceMarch 2014tbd
Le Keux correspondenceOSB MSS 27May 2014July 2014
Leadville (Colo.) collectionUncat MSS 1198December 2013April 2014
Lee, Sir William family papersOSB MSS 52May 2014July 2014
Leigh, Chandos family papersOSB MSS 129May 2014July 2014
Lewertoff, Else Thalheimer papersOSB MSS 180May 2014July 2014
Linton, William J papers tbdtbd
Loring, Frank E. papersUncat MSS 1073December 2013April 2014
Luttrell, Narcissus research collectionOSB MSS 77May 2014July 2014
Lysons family collectionOSB MSS 70May 2014July 2014
Malanga, Gerard papersUncat MSS 898
Uncat MSS 960
Uncat MSS 990
Uncat MSS 1032
Uncat MSS 1225
December 2013tbd
Malmesbury, Earl of letters to J. T. BattOSB MSS 79May 2014July 2014
Mann, Isaac autograph collectionOSB MSS 46May 2014July 2014
Mann, Thomas collectionYCGL MSS 5April 2014June 2014
Marquess of Sligo lettersOSB MSS 74May 2014July 2014
Marshall, Joseph Head papersUncat Ms Vault 181March 2014tbd
Merriam, Arthur G. travel log and lettersAccession 2013.wa.182December 2013May 2014
Milosz, Czeslaw papersGEN MSS 661April 2014June 2014
Mitchell, Jerrold autograph collectionOSB MSS 130May 2014July 2014
Mitchell, Jerrold collection of military and naval autographsOSB MSS 132May 2014July 2014
Mitzel, John papersAccession 2013.genm.80
Accession 2014.genm.6
September 2013October 2014
Morton, Earl of, PapersOSB MSS 72May 2014July 2014
Mosher, Gregory papers relating to David MametYCAL MSS 842September 2013May 2014
Murphy, Sara and Gerald papersYCAL MSS 468April 2014June 2014
New Haven East/West Association records tbdtbd
O'Neill, Eugene papersYCAL MSS 123April 2014June 2014
Orde, Sir John papersOSB MSS 133May 2014July 2014
Osborn, James Marshall correspondenceOSB MSS 7May 2014July 2014
Osborn Manuscript collectionOSB MSS 1-184May 2014July 2014
Oswald, Richard Letters toOSB MSS 62May 2014July 2014
Payne, Ralph, Baron Lavington family papersOSB MSS 138May 2014July 2014
Pearson, Norman Holmes papers June 2014October 2014
Pelham papersOSB MSS 48May 2014July 2014
Percy family papersOSB MSS 88May 2014July 2014
Percy, Thomas correspondenceOSB MSS 39May 2014July 2014
Perlin, Bernard papersUncat Za File 710
Uncat MSS 851
Uncat MSS 970
Uncat MSS 1250
February 2014August 2014
Pettigrew papersOSB MSS 113May 2014July 2014
Petty family collection of printsOSB MSS 15May 2014July 2014
Pforzheimer, Walter L. papersGEN MSS 817April 2014June 2014
Pitt Club papersOSB MSS 13May 2014July 2014
Poe, Edgar Allen collectionUncat Za MS PoeOctober 2013tbd
Pole, Madam, Newsletters addressed toOSB MSS 60May 2014July 2014
Poley, Edmund PapersOSB MSS 1May 2014July 2014
Powys, John Cowper and Phyllis Playter letters to William LanderOSB MSS 131May 2014July 2014
Pratt papersOSB MSS 16May 2014July 2014
Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore drawingsOSB MSS 66May 2014July 2014
Pym, Sir Charles papersOSB MSS 17May 2014July 2014
Reed, Joseph and Kit papersvariousJanuary 2014tbd
Rich, Henry, Earl of Holland, Papers relating toOSB MSS 93May 2014July 2014
Rome et L'Allemagne depuis vingt sie¿¿clesOSB MSS 98May 2014July 2014
Romney, Richard Adams papersUncat MSS 41
Uncat MSS 221
October 2013June 2014
Rooke, Hayman collectionOSB MSS 80May 2014July 2014
Ross, Andrew, letters and documents relating toOSB MSS 108May 2014July 2014
Routh, Richard correspondenceOSB MSS 109May 2014July 2014
Roxburghe Club correspondenceOSB MSS 119May 2014July 2014
Rudge, Olga papersYCAL MSS 54April 2014June 2014
Rule, John T. travel narrativeAccession 2013.wa.178December 2013April 2014
Sampson, James papersOSB MSS 134May 2014July 2014
Say papersOSB MSS 20May 2014July 2014
Scholes, Percy research files on Charles BurneyOSB MSS 171May 2014July 2014
Selden, Albert papers tbdtbd
Seligmann, Kurt papersUncat MSS 22
Uncat MSS 78
Uncat Za MS 424
Uncat Za MS 542
January 2013May 2014
Sermons preached near Canterbury, KentOSB MSS 178May 2014July 2014
Shenstone, William papersOSB MSS 63May 2014July 2014
Sheridan papersOSB MSS 29May 2014July 2014
Ship captains and shipping, documents concerningOSB MSS 155May 2014July 2014
Shively, Charley papersAccession 2013.genm.67July 2013December 2014
Simpson, Evelyn papersOSB MSS 90May 2014July 2014
Simpson, Percy papersOSB MSS 8May 2014July 2014
Smith, David Nichol papersOSB MSS 10May 2014July 2014
Smith, William papersOSB MSS 57May 2014July 2014
Southwell papersOSB MSS 41May 2014July 2014
Spence, Joseph papersOSB MSS 4May 2014July 2014
Stair papersOSB MSS 24May 2014July 2014
Standish of Duxbury Hall family papersOSB MSS 92May 2014July 2014
Stead, William Force papersOSB MSS 158May 2014July 2014
Sterling, John letters to the Fox familyOSB MSS 143May 2014July 2014
Straus, Ralph collection of Robert Dodsley materialOSB MSS 116May 2014July 2014
Strong, Austin papersUncat Za MS 477
Uncat Za MS 481
July 2011tbd
Sussex correspondenceOSB MSS 58May 2014July 2014
Talbot, Catherine, Papers relating toOSB MSS 53May 2014July 2014
Taussig, Anthony collection of English legal manuscriptsOSB MSS 184May 2014July 2014
Taylor, John correspondenceOSB MSS 42May 2014July 2014
Temple family correspondenceOSB MSS 44May 2014July 2014
Territt, John sermons and discoursesOSB MSS 179May 2014July 2014
Theatre Guild archiveYCAL MSS 436May 2014July 2014
Thistlewood, Thomas papersOSB MSS 176May 2014July 2014
Titley, Walter diplomatic correspondenceOSB MSS 64May 2014July 2014
Titz, Friedrich Daniel. StammbuchYCGL MSS 4April 2014June 2014
Totheroth, Daniel. Certain Mr. Scratch, original shooting scriptUncat Za MS 34March 2014tbd
Townshend papersOSB MSS 161May 2014July 2014
Tracts, ca. 1550-1665OSB MSS 28May 2014July 2014
Sutter, Jean. Neo-Impressionism archiveUncat MS Vault SutterMarch 2014tbd
Venturi, Emilie letters to John DillonOSB MSS 67May 2014July 2014
Vincent family household accountsOSB MSS 151May 2014July 2014
Wharton, Edith collectionYCAL MSS 42April 2014June 2014
Whirlwind Hill Farm papersOSB MSS 9May 2014July 2014
Whitlock, Richard collectionMS Vault WhitlockOctober 2013tbd
Wilder,Thornton papersYCAL MSS 108April 2014June 2014
Wilk, Max collectionUncat Za MS 32, Uncat Za MS 65, Uncat Za MS 84, Uncat Za MS 89, Uncat Za MS 117, Uncat Za MS 156, Uncat Za MS 170, Uncat Za MS 201, Uncat Za MS 267, Uncat Za MS 270, Uncat Za MS 310, Uncat Za MS 373, Uncat Za MS 458, Uncat Za MS 472, Uncat Za MS 499, Uncat Za MS 588, Uncat Za MS 592, Uncat Za MS 636, Uncat Za MS 646
Uncat Za Wilk
Uncat MSS 29, Uncat MSS 671, Uncat MSS 176, Uncat MSS 205, Uncat MSS 205, Uncat MSS 265, Uncat MSS 385, Uncat MSS 414, Uncat MSS 415, Uncat MSS 436, Uncat MSS 472, Uncat MSS 488, Uncat MSS 1172, Uncat MSS 1272
Uncat Za File 298, Uncat Za File 379, Uncat Za File 390, Uncat Za File 414, Uncat Za File 718, Uncat Za File 719
December 2013July 2014
Wilkinson papersOSB MSS 18May 2014July 2014
Wilkinson, Elizabeth letters to Henry CurrerOSB MSS 141May 2014July 2014
Williams, Sidney, Letters toOSB MSS 100May 2014July 2014
Wilson, John papersOSB MSS 45May 2014July 2014
Wilson, Thomas estate papersOSB MSS 86May 2014July 2014
Wolcot papersOSB MSS 19May 2014July 2014
Wolf, David papers tbdtbd
Wolff, Kurt archiveYCGL MSS 3April 2014June 2014
World Performance Project recordsAccession 2013.ycal.57August 2013June 2014
Wright, Richard papersJWJ MSS 3May 2014July 2014
Yale Poetry Review collectionUncat Za MS Yale Poetry ReviewOctober 2013tbd
Yale Review recordsUncat Za MS 383March 2014tbd
Zerbe, Jerome photographs and papersAccession 2013.genm.134November 2013June 2014



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