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Closed Collections Schedule

In preparation for the Beinecke Library’s major renovation project, over 12,000 linear feet of collections are being shelved or processed offsite. As a result, certain collections will be temporarily closed to research. These temporary closures will affect several of the library’s most frequently consulted collections.

The Beinecke offers the following lists of closures, which are subject to change and updated regularly: an alphabetical list of manuscript material to be moved, resulting in closures of 4 to 8 weeks; a list of printed materials to be moved arranged by call number range; an alphabetical list of material closed for digitization; an alphabetical list of manuscript material to be closed for processing, resulting in closures of up to two years.

Manuscript Material to be Moved

CollectionCall NumberClosed FromClosed Until
Yale Papyrus collectionP.CtYBRJan 2015Jan 2017

Printed Material to be Moved

Call number rangeClosed FromClosed Until
College PamphletsJul 2014Jan 2017
William A. Speck Collection of Goetheana CollectionJan 2015Jan 2017

Material Closed for Digitization

CollectionCall NumberBox or VolClosed FromClosed Until
Friedlander, Lee papersWA MSS S-26421-8Apr 2015Mar 2016
Johnson, James Weldon and Grace Nail, papersJWJ MSS 49127, 130, 135, 137Apr 2015Mar 2016
Kilpatrick collection of Cherokee manuscriptsWA MSS S-2707Jun 2015Jan 2016
"Libroni" on futurism : slidesGEN MSS 475Apr 2015Dec 2015
Norman Holmes Pearson collection of “art for the wrong reason”YCAL MSS 10311-6Jul 2015Mar 2016
Southern Review records, 1935-1943YCAL MSS 6941-7Oct 2015Dec 2016

Manuscript Material Closed for Processing

CollectionCall NumberClosed FromClosed Until
Acland, Henry collection Uncat MSS 640 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Adams Express Company correspondence2014.wa.49May 2014Dec 2015
Arnold, Edwin, Sir, 1832-1904 Collection MS Vault 6
MS Vault 7
Jan 2015 tbd
Arnold, Josephine Benison Collection Uncat MSS 552 Jan 2015 tbd
Aseman, Bernard Nevada mining investment records2014.wa.60May 2014Dec 2015
Balfour, Jane Whyte Collection Uncat MS Vault 673 Jan 2015 tbd
Barrie, J. M. collectionMultiple call numbersJan 2015Jan 2016
Baskin, Leonard papersMultiple call numbersMar 2015Jan 2016
Benet Family papersUncat Za Ms Benet
Za Ms Benet, William Rose
Uncat Za Ms 158
Uncat Za Ms 261
Uncat Za Ms 294
Jan 2015Jul 2016
Benet, Stephen Vincent papersZa Ms Benet, Stephen VincentJan 2015Jul 2016
Benet, William Rose papersZa Ms Benet, William RoseJan 2015Jul 2016
Berlandier, Jean Luis collectionUncat WA MS 56
Uncat WA MS 178
WA MSS S-300-325, 328-331
Uncat WA MS File Berlandier
Dec-14October 2015
Bryan, C. D. B. papers2011.ycal.49145Mar 2015Jan 2016
Burns, RobertMS Vault Shelves BurnsOct 2014Jan 2015
Chapter of the Koran Uncat MSS 848 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Curtis, Mrs. V. H. Collection MS Vault 8:3 Jan 2015 tbd
Davie, Donald papers (addition)2013.genm.48Mar 2015Jan 2016
Day, Clive collection MS Vault 7:3 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Dobbs collection MS Vault Dobbs Feb 2015Apr 2015
Fairbanks Mining and Milling Company ledger book2014.wa.26May 2013Oct 2015
Feelings, Tom papers (addition)2013.jwj.15Sep 2013Jan 2016
Franklin, Benjamin collectionMS Vault FranklinJan 2015Jan 2016
General Collection FilesMS Vault FileJan 2015TBD
Gowing, Thomas collection Uncat MSS 1134 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Graham County, Arizona roll of electors2014.wa.39May 2014Dec 2015
Grunberg 1904 Uncat MSS 473 Jan 2015 tbd
Guest, Barbara papersUncat Za MS 271
Uncat MSS 402
Uncat MSS 947
Jan 2015Jan 2016
H.M.S. Himalaya Collection Uncat MSS 1093 Jan 2015 tbd
Hackney Collection Uncat MS Vault Hackney Jan 2015 tbd
Hilles, Frederick W. manuscript collection and papersMS Vault HillesJan 2015Jan 2016
Hopkins, Albert Collection MS Vault Hopkins Jan 2015 tbd
Island Improvement Company records2014.wa.58May 2014Dec 2015
Jackson collection of LaFayetteMS Vault LaFayetteJan 2015Jan 2016
Jolas (Addition)Uncat MSS 650
Uncat MSS 815
Jul 2014TBD
Kleinzahler, August papers2013.ycal.60Mar 2015Jan 2016
Knickerbocker Club photograph album2012.ycal.8Oct 2014May 2015
Lazarus, Arthur papers (addition)2013.wa.114Mar 2015Jan 2016
Lecuire, Pierre CollectionUncat mss 404
Uncat MS Vault File
Oct 2014Jan 2015
Levy, John I. Modern Library CollectionUncat MSS 31Oct 2014Jan 2015
Linton, William J. papersMultiple call numbersJan 2015Jan 2016
Lodge, Oliver Joseph Letters Uncat MS Vault 393 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Lyon, William Collection MS Vault 8:2 Jan 2015 TBD
Lytton CollectionMS Vault Shelves Lytton
MS Vault Lytton
MS Vault Lytton 1
MS Vault Lytton 2
Jul 2014TBD
Mac Pherson, Kenneth, writings Uncat MS Vault 380 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Mann, Erika Collection MS Vault Mann Jan 2015 tbd
Marston, John collection Uncat MS Vault 93 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Matthews collection MS Vault Shelves Matthews Feb 2015Apr 2015
Mitzel, John papers2013.genm.80
Sep 2013Jan 2016
Osgood, James R. CollectionUncat ZA File 129Oct 2014Apr 2015
Page, Bacon & Co collection Uncat WA MS Gateway Feb 2015Apr 2015
Parker, E., Dr. papers2011.jwj.42592May 2014Mar 2015
Parker, Henry collection Uncat Ms Vault Parker Feb 2015Apr 2015
Partridge, Bernard collection MS Vault Partridge Feb 2015Apr 2015
Pendleton collection MS Vault Pendleton Feb 2015Apr 2015
Peterson, Fordham W. collection Uncat WA MSS Peterson Feb 2015Apr 2015
Price, Roberta photographs and papers2013.wa.165Mar 2015Jan 2016
Read, Edward Parker papers2014.jwj.4
May 2013Nov 2014
Reade, Philip collection Uncat WA MS Reade Feb 2015Apr 2015
Redgrove, Peter CollectionUncat MS 923Jul 2014TBD
Reid CollectionMS Vault Shelves ReidJul 2014TBD
Rhinegold Mine collection Uncat WA MS 246 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Rochambeau and West Indies CollectionUncat MS Vault 223Jan 2015TBD
Rose Nicol Gold Mining Co collection Uncat MSS 1088 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Seitz, Robert CollectionMS Vault Shelves SeitzJul 2014TBD
Sheffield, Joseph collection MS Vault 12:1 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Sheldon, Charles CollectionMS Vault 9:1Jul 2014TBD
Shively, Charley papers2013.genm.67Jul 2013Jan 2016
Sloane collection Uncat MS Vault Sloane Feb 2015Apr 2015
Smith, Frank L. and Max Spiegal theater collection2012.jwj.16May 2013TBD
Snow, W. M. Western mining engineer collection2014.wa.57May 2014Dec 2015
Sprague, Chrighton Clarke CollectionMS Vault 11:2Jul 2014TBD
Steinberg, Saul papersMultiple call numbersJan 2015Dec 2016
Stephan, Joseph A collection Uncat MSS 514 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Stiles, Ezra and Stiles Family papers (access to microfilm edition may be requested; for more information, contact Access Services)MS Vault Stiles
Uncat.MS Vault.109
Uncat.MS Vault.321
Jan 2015TBD
Stratton Cripple Creek Mining collection Uncat MSS 1085 1,2,3 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Taweko family papers2014.wa.41May 2014Dec 2015
Thornly, Gilbert CollectionUncat MS Vault 116Jul 2014TBD
Tonopah North Star Tunnel and Development Company records2014.wa.59May 2014Dec 2015
Tsugawa, Albert papers2014.wa.42May 2014Dec 2015
Tully, William collection MS Vault 6:14 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Van Vechten, Carl papersZa Van Vechten
Multiple call numbers
Jan 2015Jul 2016
Verdi Lumber Co collection Uncat MSS 593 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Wells, William S.MS Vault Wells William S.Oct 2014Feb 2015
Western Americana Collection FilesUncat WA MS File Jan 2015TBD
Western mining collection2014.wa.62May 2014Dec 2015
Western Reserve Stock Company records2014.wa.19May 2013Dec 2015
White Pass and Yukon Route collection Uncat WA MS 217 Feb 2015Apr 2015
White, Dyer collection MS Vault 10:2 Feb 2015Apr 2015
Whitney, William (Josiah) collection MS Vault Whitney Feb 2015Apr 2015
Wilder Family papersMultiple call numbersJan 2015Jul 2016
Wilder, Thornton papers (addition)Za WilderJan 2015Jul 2016
World Performance Project records2013.ycal.57Aug 2013TBD
Yale Collection of American Literature FilesUncat Za FileJan 2015TBD



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