The Power of Pictures
Friday, October 4, 2013 to Monday, December 16, 2013

Exhibition Checklist

This exhibit does not just tell a story; it begins one. We hope this exhibit will open students' and researchers' eyes to the amazing breadth of visual resources the Beinecke holds. Please take advantage of the index below to navigate the physical exhibit, and as a future reference for using our digital collections database and calling items into our reading room.


Marking Places


Émile Cartailhac and  Henri Breuil, Caverne d'Altamira à Santillane près Santander (Monaco, 1906). Nkf42 S8 +906c

Louis Capitan and Henri Breuil, La Caverne de Font-de-Gaume aux Eyzies (Monaco, 1910). Nkf42 F6 +910C

Edward Meyer Kern, “Indian Drawing on a Cotton Wood at Camp Jany 26 ‘46" (King River, California, 1846). Watercolor on paper. WA Mss S-2395, Box 2

T and O map of the world in a medieval manuscript with notes on works by Crispus Sallustius (France, 1400-1425). Paint on parchment. Beinecke MS 358

Michael Mercator, Map of the world showing the track of Sir Francis Drake's circumnavigation (London, 1589). Silver disc. Taylor 15

Saul Steinberg, Preliminary sketch for “View of the World from 9th Avenue” (New York, 1975) Magic marker and colored pencil on paper. Uncat Mss 126, Box 147

Saul Steinberg, Preliminary sketch of “Here, Now, There” (New York, n.d.) Ink, pencil, colored pencil and watercolor on paper. Uncat Mss 126, Box 147

Gusmano Cesaretti, Street Writers: A Guided Tour of Chicano Graffiti (Los Angeles, 1975) Zc72 975ce

Egeria Di Nallo, Indiani in Citta (Bologna, 1977). 2008 +87

David Grant Noble, Archaic Pictographs, San Raphael Swell, Utah (Santa Fe, 2010). Uncat Mss 1242, Oversize Box 2

David Grant Noble, Spanish Cavalcade, Canyon del Muerto, Arizona (Santa Fe, 2010). Uncat Mss 1242, Oversize Box 2

Joan Rizo Oliva, Portolan chart of the Mediterranean (Portugal, ca. 1594).  30cea 1594

Saul Steinberg, View of the World from 9th Avenue, poster edition (ca. 1976). Uncat Mss 126, Box 130


Marking Our Bodies


John White, “The Trvve Picture of a vvomen Picte,” engraved by Teodor de Bry for Thomas Hariot, Admiranda narratio, fida tamen, de commodis et incolarvm ritibvs Virginiæ ... (Frankfort, 1590). E159 +B79 1-5

Francois Du Creux, Historiæ Cauadensis, sev Novæ-Franciæ libri decem, ad annum vsque Christi MDCLVI (Paris, 1664). Z7 020

John Hawkesworth, An Account of the Voyages Undertaken by…Captain Cook… (London, 1773). Ecd +764 v. 3

Tintype portraits of Olive Ann and Lorenzo D. Oatman (ca. 1857). WA Mss 362

Tattoo artist's pattern book (ca. 1915). GEN Mss 565

Stephen Tennant, Sketchbook (ca. 1940). GEN Mss Vol 590

Miguel Gandert, Photograph of Teresa Gutiérrez, Juárez, Mexico, 1992 (Albuquerque, 1992). Uncat Mss 290, Box 4


Picturing the Transcendent - Iconography


Latin Missal (Austria, 1270-1280). Marston MS 213

Armenian Gospel (1307-1331). Hartford Seminary Armenian MS 3

Armenian Gospel (1656). Hartford Seminary Armenian MS 4

Thomas More’s prayer book, Hore Beate Marie ad vsum ecclesie Sarisburiensis (Paris, 1530). MS Vault More

Codex Mendoza, the Mexican manuscript known as the Collection of Mendoza... (London, 1938). 2007 +198

Johnny Kit Elswa, Hooyeh: Heraldic Raven of the Haida Indians (Queen Charlotte Islands, ca. 1883) WA Mss S-2368, Box 9

Johnny Kit Elswa, Koot: Sparrow Hawk on Its Nest (Queen Charlotte Islands, ca. 1883). WA Mss S-2368, Box 9

David Plowden, Statue of Liberty from Caven Point Road (photographed April 1967, printed November 27, 1994, Winnetka, Illinois). Uncat WA MS 221, Box 3

David Plowden, Golden Valley, North Dakota (photographed 1971, printed December 13, 1995, Winnetka, Illinois). Uncat WA MS 221, Box 1

Description of a slave ship . . . (London, 1789). Folio BrSides By6 1789

Major Martin R.Delany. U.S.A.  Promoted on the Battle Field for Bravery (Philadelphia, ca. 1865). BrSides Double Folio 2013 9


Depicting Ourselves – Putting on an Identity


Cards from the Este Tarot (Italy, ca. 1450). Cary Collection of Playing Cards, ITA 103

Bea Nettles, Mountain Dream Tarot Cards (Penland, North Carolina, 1970-1975). Playing Cards GEN 6

Laughable Game of What d ' ye buy by Professor Punch (Philadelphia, ca. 1850). 2013 628

Frank Bevan, Preliminary costume sketches for Orfeo ed Euridice at the Metropolitan Opera (1954). YCAL Mss 537, Oversize Box 27

Two photographs of Sarah Bernhardt, Laura Bailey Collection of Gender and Transgender Materials. GEN Mss 787, Box 1

Photograph album of Prisoners of War in theatrical productions, Laura Bailey Collection of Gender and Transgender Materials GEN Mss 787, Box 7

Photographs of amateur cross-dressers, Laura Bailey Collection of Gender and Transgender Materials. GEN Mss 787, Box 26

Five photographs of cowgirls, Laura Bailey Collection of Gender and Transgender Materials. GEN Mss 787, Box 1

Photographs of Alfred Stieglitz from the Alfred Stieglitz / Georgia O'Keeffe archive. YCAL Mss 85

Nine tintypes of Stieglitz as a child (ca. 1867-1878). Box 133

Three portraits of Stieglitz as an adolescent (ca. 1882-1886). Box 133

Portrait of Stieglitz with hand-lettered overlay for publication (New York, 1899). Box 133

Frank Eugene, Portrait of Stieglitz (New York., 1907). Box 137

Paul Strand, Portrait of Stieglitz (New York, 1925). Box 141


Pictures of Record


Portrait of Commodore Matthew Perry, Commander Henry Adams and the USS Powhatan (Japan, ca. 1854). WA Mss S-2143

Osai, Painting of the United States East India Squadron in Tokyo Bay, Japan (Japan, 1862-1880). GEN Mss 550


Public Commemoration


The Master of Bruges, Illuminations in Honore Bonet, L'Arbre des batailles…(Flanders, ca. 1485). Beinecke MS 230

Domenico Freschi, L'orologio del piacere… (Piazzola: 1685). Italian Festivals 112

Relazione e disegno della fiera, e festa popolare della Porchetta fatta in Bologna quest'anno 1695…

(Bologna, 1695). Italian Festivals 15

Gysbert Tysens, Tydelyke straffe voorgesteld ten afschrik aller goddeloze en doemwaardige zondaren (Amsterdam, ca. 1731). 2011 1541


Illustrated Travels


John White, “The Towne of Secota,” engraved by Teodor de Bry, in Thomas Hariot, A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia… (Frankfort, 1590). Taylor 194

“A Description of Part of the Adventures of Cap. Smith in Virginia,” engraved by Robert Vaughan, in John Smith, The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles… (London, 1624), 2003 +39

Tomás de Suría, “Jefe del Puerto de Mulgrabe,” pen and ink sketch in Suria’s journal, Quaderno que contiene el ramo de historia natural y diario de la Espedicion del circulo del Globo. Reservado” (Nootka Sound, 1791). WA Mss 464

Carl Bodmer, “Indian Utensils and Arms,” engraved from a watercolor, in Maximilian, Prince of Wied, Travels in the Interior of North America (London, 1843-1844), ZZc20 839wig

Zotom, “A Special Occasion,” colored pencil drawing in a sketchbook (Fort Marion, Florida, 1876). WA Mss S-1174, Box 24, folder 766

Daguerreotypes of Scenes from the Mexican War (Mexico, 1847-1848). WA Photos 26

Alexander Gardner, Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the War (Washington, 1865-66). 2005 Folio 176

Alfred Jacob Miller, Four watercolors from the Rocky Mountains: Green River Camp; Racing - Near Wind River; Interior of an Indian Lodge; Captain Stewart on a white horse (1837). Art Storage 1971.127: 37, 38, 41 and 42

Tom Feelings, Three original illustrations, undated, for The Middle Passage: White Ships/Black Cargo (New York, 1995). JWJ Mss 74, Art Boxes 26, 30 and 42

Romare Bearden, Untitled print of collage of man’s face, slave ship, and map of Africa (1977). Brsides Double Folio 2012 32


Family Memory


Maud Humphrey, Baby’s record… (New York, 1898) (completed for Helen Mary Stratz). Accession 20100303-35913

Romanov family photograph album (Finland, ca. 1909). GEN Mss 313, Box 2

J. M. Barrie, The Boy Castaways of Black Lake Island, being a record of the terrible adventures of the brothers Davies in the Summer of 1901… (London, 1901). Ip B276 B64

H. D.’s scrapbook (ca.1930). YCAL Mss 24, Folder 1430


Domestic Scenes


William H. Townsend, Pencil portraits of Marqu and Saby, two of the Amistad captives (New Haven, 1839-1840). GEN Mss 335

Franz Roh and Jan Tschichold, Foto-Auge: 76 Photos der Zeit (Stuttgart, 1929). 2012 +112

Ilya Erenburg and El Lissitzky, Moi Parizh (Moscow, 1933). 2012 127

Margaret Bourke-White and Erskine Caldwell, Say Is This the U. S. A. (New York, 1941). WIPA +130

Masood Ali Wilbert Warren, Sketchbooks (New York, 1939-1942). JWJ Mss 32

Roy DeCarava, Lingerie – New York, 1950 and Across the Street, Night, Brooklyn, 1978 from Roy DeCarava: Twelve photogravures (Hinsdale, New Hampshire, 1991). JWJ Mss 62

Jon Lewis, Dolores Huerta; Marchers on a roadside passing a vineyard; Three women marchers, from Photographs of the United Farm Worker’s March from Delano to Sacramento in March and April, 1966 (California, 1966). WA Photos 81

Robert Templeton, Sketchbook from the trial of Bobby Seale and Ercika Huggins (New Haven, 1970). JWJ Mss 33, Box 3

Robert Templeton, Portrait of Catherine Roraback (New Haven, 1970). JWJ Mss 33, Box 4

Tano D’Amico, Rome on Fire; Girl with Carabinieri; Policeman and Protester (who may be brothers); Via Fani (the scene of Aldo Moro’s kidnapping), from Photographs of Italian Political Protests of 1977 and 1978 (Rome, 1977-1978). GEN Mss 655, Folders 31, 33, 35 and 52

Robert Templeton, Ink drawing and watercolor painting of Charles R. Gary and Bobby Seale during Seale’s trial for murder (New Haven, 1971).   JWJ Mss 33, Oversize Box 8

Florine Stettheimer, The Studio Party, oil on canvas (New York, ca. 1930). Art Storage u.1973.95.14

Florine Stettheimer, Carl Van Vechten, oil on canvas (New York, ca. 1930). Art Storage u.1973.95.13


Political Caricature and Commentary


John Heartfield, Photomontages for A-I-Z, Volume 13, no. 6 (Berlin, April 19, 1934) and Volume 13, no. 47 (Berlin, November 22, 1934). 2006 Folio S19 

Robert Osborn, War is No Damn Good (Garden City, N.Y., 1946). Za Os14 +946W

Robert Osborn, Watercolor and charcoal caricature of Richard Nixon (ca. 1970). Uncat Za Mss 215

G. B. Trudeau, Notebook (New Haven, 1973). YCAL Mss 747

G. B. Trudeau, But This War had Such Promise (New York, 1973). Zab T765 973B


Pictures and Words – Illustrated Stories


Augustine, “De Civitate Dei (Paris, ca. 1415). Beinecke MS 215

Julius Caesar, Commentarii de Bello Gallico (Flanders, 1476). Beinecke MS 226

Charles Dickens, The Adventures of Oliver Twist…with twenty-four illustrations on steel by George Cruikshank (London, 1846). Gimbel Dickens A39 1

Hablot K. Browne, “Mr Winkle’s Situation When the Door Blew To,” original drawing for The Pickwick Papers, with Dickens’ comments and corrections (ca. 1836). Ms Vault Dickens H1626

Charles Dickens, The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit ... with illustrations by Phiz (London, 1844). Gimbel Dickens A72 1

Hablot K. Browne, Untitled steel plate etched to illustrate The Pickwick Papers (ca. 1836). Ms Vault Dickens H1625

Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (London, 1884). Za C591 884h

Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (New York, 1885). Za C591 884hb

Eugene Bauer, Extra-illustrated copy of Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin or, Life Among the Lowly (London, 1853). BEIN 2009 1819

Gustav Meyrink, Der Golem, mit acht Lithographien von Hugo Steiner (Leipzig, 1915). Zg20 M611


Alvin Kubin, Die andere Seite: Ein phantastischer Roman . . . mit 52 Abbildungen und einem Plan

(Munich and Leipzig, 1909). 2009 2078

N. Scott Momaday, A Gathering of Shields (Santa Fe, 1992) Prints, hand colored by the artist. Zab

M739 +992Hb

Garth Williams, Two pen and ink drawings for E. B. White’s Stuart Little (1945). 2013.genm.9

Rachel Field, Hitty, Her First Hundred Years . . . with illustrations by Dorothy P. Lathrop (New York, 1929). Shirley 7573

Dorothy P. Lathrop, Four watercolors for Rachel Field’s Hitty (ca. 1929). GEN Mss 764, Box 10


Pictures and Words – Lyric Imagery


Frank O’Hara, “Ode to Willem de Kooning,” illustrated by Willem de Kooning from In Memory of My Feelings; A Selection of Poems (New York, 1967). Zab Oh14 +967J Copy 1

Ron Padgett, In the Future, with Artwork and Design by Bertrand Dorny (Paris and New York, 2001). Zab P133 994H 5

Guillaume Apollinaire, Calligrammes (Paris, 1930).  Whitney +9

Vasilii Kamenskii, Tango s korovami: Zhelezobetonnyi︠a︡ poėmy (Moscow, 1914). 2010 945

Kurt Schwitters and Theo van Doesburg, Merz. 14/15. Die Scheuche typografisch gestaltet… (Hanover, 1925). 1991 +S13

Mary Ellen Solt and John Dearstyne, Flowers in Concrete (Bloomington, 1966). Zab So48 966F


Surreal Images: Depicting what can’t be seen


Max Ernst and Paul Eluard, Les Malheurs des Immortels (Paris, 1922). Ernst +8

Max Ernst, Prospectus for Une semaine de bonté, ou, Les 7 éléments capitaux, roman (Paris, 1934). Ernst 95

Max Ernst, Une semaine de bonté, ou, Les 7 éléments capitaux, roman, 5 vols. (Paris, 1934). Ernst +64

Salvador Dali, Cover art for Minotaure, number 8 (1936). 1975 +S1

Man Ray, Érotique Voilée, in Minotaure, number 5 (1934). 1975 +S1

Isidore Ducasse, Les Chants de Maldoror… illustrations de René Magritte (Brussels, 1948). 1989 +35

Joseph Cornell, A Watch-case for Marcel Duchamp (1944). YCAL Mss 32, Box 7


Revolutionary Art


Vladimir Mayakovsky, Twelve panel poster sequence produced for the Russian Telegraph Agency (ROSTA) (Moscow, ca. 1920). BrSides Folio 2010 1

Emory Douglas, Six posters for the Black Panther Party (Oakland, ca. 1968). Accession 54139


Scientific Illustration


Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Trattati di archittetura ingegneria e arte militare (Italy, ca. 1500). Ms 491

Jean Dubreuil, Perspective Practical, Or, A plain and easie method of true and lively representing all things to the eye at a distance ... illustrated with 150 copper cuts… (London, 1672). Ji5 2w

Salomon Alberti, Historia plerarunque partium humani corporis…(Wittenberg, 1585). 2012 1046

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Mitteilungen aus der Pflanzenwelt (Breslau und Bonn, 1831). Speck Qm61 +831, copy 2

Edwin Hale Lincoln, Wild Flowers of New England photographed from nature… (Pittsfield, 1911-1914). 2012 Folio 18

Carleton Watkins, Half Dome, 5000 ft,  from Glacier Point (San Francisco, ca. 1878-1881). WA Photos Folio 1

Carleton Watkins, Cathedral Spires, Yosemite (San Francisco, ca. 1865). WA Photos Folio 19

William Henry Holmes, “The Grand Cañon at the Foot of Toroweap Looking East,” in Clarence E. Dutton, Tertiary History of the Grand Cañon District… (Washington and New York, 1882). ZZc56 882du

The phenakistiscope, or, Magic disc (Edinburgh, 1832-1833). 2012 Folio 13

Eadweard Muybridge, Animal locomotion. An Electro-Photographic investigation of consecutive phases of animal movements (Philadelphia, 1887). Folio 417


Visual Satire


George Augustus Sala, All the world's a cheese! and all the men and women merery maggots…(London, 1851). Folio 211

Rodolphe Toepffer, Collection des histoires en estampes de R. Toepffer ... (Genève, 1846). 2011 +52

J. A. Read, Journey to the gold diggins, by Jeremiah Saddlebags…(Cincinnati, 1849). Zc72 849qpb

William T. Peters, The College Experience of Ichabod Academicus illustrated by William T. Peters, and dedicated to their brother collegians by the editors, H. F. P. and G. M. (New Haven, ca. 1849). 2003 +42

Oz, Volume 1, no. 1 and no. 2 (London, February and March, 1967). 2009 Folio S32

Zap Comix, No. 0 and no. 1 (New York, October and November, 1967). 1977 Folio S62

Actuel, No. 32  (Paris, June, 1973). 2008 +S64 32

Selections from the John Holmstrom Papers and Punk Magazine Archive (ca. 1975 – 2006). GEN Mss 951

Gianni Bertini and Jean-Clarence Lambert, Les Folies Françaises (Paris, 1964-1966). 2011 Folio 39, Boxes 1 and 2


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