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Rost P.CtYBR inv.

RostP.CtYBR inv.
a 1296
a 2297
a 3298 qua
a 4299
a 5300
a 6301
a 7302
a 8A303
a 8B304
a8C [no inv. no.; not conserved (blank)]
a 9305
a 10306
a 11A307
a 11B342
a 12308
a 13309
a 14310
a 15311
a 16312
a 17A313
a 17B314
a 17C315
a 18316
a 19317
a 20.1318
a 20.2319 (in part)
a 20.3319 (in part)
a 20.4319 (in part)
a 20.5319 (in part)
a 20.6323 fol (in part)
a 21324
a 22325
a 23326
a 24A327
a 24B328
a 25329
a 26330
a 27A331 (in part)
a 27B331 (in part)
a 27C333
a 27D334
a 27E335
a 27F336
a 28337 qua
a 29338
a 30339
a 31340
a 32341
a 33323 fol (in part)
a 34343
a 35344
a 36345
a 37348
a 38A349
a 38B350
a 39351
a 40352
a 41353
a 42354
a 43355
a 44356
a 45357 qua
a 46A358 (in part)
a 46B358 (in part)
a 46C332
a 46D346
a 47359
a 48360
a 49361
a 50362
a 51363
a 52364
a 53365
a 54A366
a 54B367
a 55368
a 56369
a 57370
a 58371
a 59A372
a 59B373
a 59C374
a 59D375
a 59E376
a 60377
a 61A378 (in part)
a 61B378 (in part)
a 61C380
a 62A381
a 62B382
a 62C383
a 62D384
a 62E385
a 62F386
a 63387
a 64388
a 65389
a 66390
a 67391
a 68392
a 69393
a 70A395
a 70B396
a 70C397 (in part)
a 70D397 (in part)
a 71399
a 72400 qua
a 73409
a 74410
a 75411
a 76413
a 77412
a 78414
a 79415 (in part)
a 80416
a 81417
a 82418
a 83419
a 84420
a 85421
a 86422
a 87A423 (in part)
a 87B423 (in part)
a 87C423 (in part)
a 87D347
a 88424
a 89425
a 90426
a 91A427
a 91B428
a 91C429
a 91D430
a 91E431
a 91F432
a 91G423 (in part)
a 92A434
a 92B435
a 93436
a 94437 qua
a 95438
a 96A439
a 96B440
a 96C441 (in part)
a 96D441 (in part)
a 97443
a 98444
a 99445
a 100446
a 101447
a 102448
a 103449
a 104A450
a 104B451
a 105452
a 106453
a 107A454 (in part)
a 107B454 (in part)
a 108A455
a 108B456
a 109A459 (in part)
a 109B459 (in part)
a 109C458
a 109D457
a 109E394
a 110A460 qua
a 110B379 fol
a 111461 fol
a 112A462 qua (in part)
a 112B462 qua (in part)
a 112C465
a 112D466
a 113A467 (in part)
a 113B468 (in part)
a 113C469
a 113D470 (in part)
a 113E470 (in part)
a 113F467 (in part)
a 113G467 (in part)
a 114A468 (in part)
a 114B475
a 114C476
a 114D477
a 114E478
a 115A479 (in part)
a 115B479 (in part)
a 115C481
a 115D482
a 116A483
a 116B484
a 116C485
a 117486
a 118487
a 119488
b 1489
b 2490
b 3491
b 4492
b 5493
b 6494
b 7495
b 8496 qua (in part)
b 9497
b 10498
b 11499
b 12500 qua (in part)
b 13501
b 14A502
b 14B2945
b 14C2946
b 15503
b 16504 qua
b 17505
b 18506
b 19507
b 20508
b 21509 qua (in part)
b 22510
b 23511
b 24512
b 25A513 qua
b 25B321
b 26514
b 27A515
b 27B516
b 28517 qua
b 29518
b 30519
b 31520
b 32A521 (in part)
b 32B521 (in part)
b 32C523
b 32D524
b 32E522
b 32F531
b 33525 (in part)
b 34A526
b 34B527
b 34C528
b 34D529
b 35530
b 36A415 (in part)
b 36B532
b 36C533
b 36D534
b 37535
b 38A500 qua (in part)
b 38B537
b 38C538 qua (in part)
b 38D539
b 38E540
b 39A541
b 39B536
b 40542
b 41A543 (in part)
b 41B543 (in part)
b 42A545
b 42B544
b 43546 (in part)
b 44547
b 45A548
b 45B549 (in part)
b 45C550
b 46551
b 47552
b 48553
b 49554
b 50555 qua
b 51556
b 52557
b 53558
b 54559
b 55560
b 56561 (in part)
b 57A562
b 57B951
b 58563
b 59A592
b 59B401
b 60A565 qua (in part)
b 60B565 qua (in part)
b 60C566
b 60D567
b 61A568
b 61B569
b 61C570
b 61D571
b 61E582
b 61F583
b 62A572
b 62B573 (in part)
b 62C574
b 62D575
b 62E576 (in part)
b 62F577
b 62G578
b 62H579
b 62I580
b 62J581
b 63A573 (in part)
b 63B576 (in part)
b 63C584
b 63D585 (in part)
b 63E585 (in part)
b 64587
b 65588
b 66589
b 67590
b 68A591 qua
b 68B509 qua (in part)
b 68C593
b 68D594
b 68E595
b 68F596 qua
b 68G597
b 69A598
b 69B599
b 69C600
b 69D601
b 69E602
b 69F603
b 69G586
b 69H617
b 69I604
b 69J398
b 70605
b 71606
b 72A607
b 72B608
b 73A565 qua (in part)
b 73B613 qua (in part)
b 74610
b 75611
b 76613 qua (in part)
b 77612
b 78614
b 79615
b 80616
b 81A561 (in part)
b 81B618
b 81C619
b 81D620
b 81E621
b 81F622 (in part)
b 81G623 (in part)
b 81H320
b 82A624
b 82B963
b 83625
b 84A626
b 84B2969
b 84C2970
b 84D2971
b 84E2972
b 84F2973
b 85627 qua
b 86628 (in part)
b 87629
b 88630 qua
b 89A664 (in part)
b 89B623 (in part)
b 89C633
b 89D634
b 89E635
b 89F636
b 89G637
b 89H609
b 90A638
b 90B639
b 90C640
b 90D641
b 90E631
b 90F744 (in part)
b 91642
b 92643 (?)
b 93644
b 94A645
b 94B646
b 94C647
b 95648
b 96A649
b 96B650
b 96C651
b 96D652
b 96E653
b 96F654 (in part)
b 96G668
b 96H669
b 97655
b 98656
b 99658
b 100A659
b 100B920
b 101660
b 102661
b 103662
b 104663
b 105664 (in part)
b 106665
b 107A666 qua
b 107B952
b 107C958
b 108667
b 109A496 qua (in part)
b 109B628 (in part)
b 109C670
b 109D671
b 109E672
b 110A673
b 110B900
b 111674
b 112675
b 113A676
b 113B657
b 114A677
b 114B678
b 115679 (in part)
b 116A680
b 116B681
b 116C682
b 116D322
b 117683
b 118684
b 119A685
b 119B402
b 120686
b 121687
b 122688
b 123A689
b 123B632
b 123C654 (in part)
b 123D702
b123E-J [missing?]
b 124690
b 125691
b 126692
b 127693
b 128A694
b 128B695
b 128C696
b 128D697
b 128E932
b 129A698
b 129B699
b 129C745
b 129D751
b 129E700
b 129F756
b 129G701
b 129H549 (in part)
b 129I703
b 129J704 (in part)
b 129K757
b 129L758
b 129M759
b 129N760
b 130705
b 131706
b 132707
b 133708
b 134709
b 135710
b 136711
b 137A712
b 137B742
b 138713
b 139714
b 140715
b 141A716
b 141B538 qua (in part)
b 142A717
b 142B748
b 143A718
b 143B719
b 143C720
b 143D906
b 144A721 qua (in part)
b 144B721 qua (in part)
b 144C721 qua (in part)
b 144D2974
b 144E2975
b 145A722
b 145B749
b 146723
b 147724
b 148725
b 149726
b 150727
b 151A728
b 151B729
b 151C730
b 151D743
b 151E930
b 152731
b 153A732
b 153B733
b 154A721 qua (in part)
b 154B721 qua (in part)
b 154C734
b 154D2976
b 154E2977
b 155735
b 156A736
b 156B737
b 156C738
b 156D740
b 157A739 (in part)
b 157B739 (in part)
b 157C741 qua (in part)
b 157D741 qua (in part)
b 157E741 qua (in part)
b 158A744 (in part)
b 158B679 (in part)
b 158C746
b 158D747 (in part)
b 158E747 (in part)
b 158F747 (in part)
b 159A750
b 159B538 qua (in part)
b 159C752
b 159D753
b 159E754
b 159F755
b 159G480
b 160A525 (in part)
b 160B538 qua (in part)
b 160C546 (in part)
b 160D622 (in part)
b 160E704 (in part)
b 160F761
b 160G762
b 160H763
b 160I764 (in part)
b 160J765 (in part)
b 160K766
b 160L767
b 160M768
b 160N769
b 160O770
b 160P771
b 160Q772
b 160R773
b 160S774
b 160T775
b 160U776
b 160V777
b 160W778
b 160X779
b 160Y780
b 160Z781
b 160AA782
b 160BB783
b 160CC784
b 160DD785
b 160EE786
b 160FF787
b 160GG788
b 160HH789
b 160II790
b 160JJ791
b 160KK792
b 160LL793
b 160MM794
b 160NN795
b 160OO796
b 160PP797
b 160QQ798
b 160RR799
b 160SS800
b 160TT801
b 160UU802
b 160VV803
b 160WW804
b 160XX805
b 160YY806
b 160ZZ807
b 160AAA808
b 160BBB809
b 160CCC810
b 160DDD811
b 160EEE812
b 160FFF813
b 160GGG814
b 160HHH815
b 160III816
b 160JJJ817
b 160KKK818
b 160LLL819
b 160MMM820
b 160NNN821
b 160OOO822
b 160PPP823
b 160QQQ824
b 160RRR825
b 160SSS826
b 160TTT827
b 160UUU828
b 160VVV829
b 160WWW830
b 160XXX831
b 160YYY832
b 160ZZZ833
b 160AAAA834
b 160BBBB835
b 160CCCC836
b 160DDDD765 (in part)
b 160EEEE764 (in part)
b 160FFFF839
b 160GGGG840
b 160HHHH841 (?)
b 160IIII564
b 160JJJJ837
b 160KKKK838
b 160LLLL403
b 160MMMM404
b 160NNNN405
b 160OOOO406
b 160PPPP407
b 160QQQQ408
b 160RRRR433
b 160SSSS442
b 160TTTT463
b 160UUUU464
b 160VVVV471
b 160WWWW472
b 160XXXX473
b 160YYYY474
c 1842 qua
c 2843
c 3A844 (in part)
c 3B844 (in part)
c 3C2354
c 4845
c 5846
c 6847
c 7848
c 8849
c 9850
c 10852
c 11853
c 12854
c 13855 qua
c 14A856
c 14B857
c 14C858
c 14D859
c 14E860
c 14F861
c 14G862
c 14H863
c 14I864
c 14J865
c 14K866
c 14L867 qua
c 14M868
c 14N869
c 14O870
c 14P871
c 14Q872
c 14R873
c 14S874
c 14T851
c 15875
c 16A876
c 16B877
c 16C878
c 16D879
c 16E880
c 16F881
c 17882
c 18A883
c 18B884
c 18C885
c 19A886
c 19B887
c 20888
c 21A889
c 21B890
c 21C891
c 21D892 (in part)
c 21E893
c 21F894
c 21G895
c 21H896
c 21I897
c 21J898
c 21K899
c 21L892 (in part)
d 1901
d 2902 (in part)
d 3903
d 4904
d 5905
d 6902 (in part)
d 7907
d 8908
d 9909
d 10910
e 1911
f 1912
g 1913
h 1914
h 2A915
h 2B916 qua (in part)
h 2C917 (in part)
h 2D918
h 2E919
h 3A916 qua (in part)
h 3B921
h 3C922
h 3D923
h 3E924
h 3F925
h 3G926
h 3H927
h 4928
h 5929
h 6A916 qua (in part)
h 6B931
h 6C917 (in part)
h 6D933
h 7934 qua
h 8A935
h 8B936
h 8C937
h 8D938
h 8E939
h 8F940
h 8G941
h 8H942
h 8I943
h 8J944
h 8K945
h 8L946
h 8M947
h 8N948
h 8O949
h 8P950 (in part)
h 8Q950 (in part)
h 8R950 (in part)
h 8S953
h 8T954
h 8U955
h 8V956
h 8W957 (in part)
h 8X957 (in part)
h 8Y959
h 9A960
h 9B961
h 9C962 (in part)
h 9D962 (in part)
h 9E964
h 9F965
h 9G966
h 9H967
h 9I968
h 10A969
h 10B970
h 10C971



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