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The Library's catalog, Orbis, provides access to collections material across the Yale University Library.  Below is a list of recently cataloged Beinecke Library acquisitions that are now available in the catalog.

September 13, 2016

Dutchman [graphic] / Woodward del. ; Rowlandson scul.

Author: Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827,
Description: "Half length portrait of a grossly fat Dutchman in profile to the left, smoking a short pipe, and with a second pipe in his hat. 'He looks upon money to be the greatest good upon earth, and pickled herring the greatest dainty'.'"--British Museum catalogue.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Auchincloss Rowlandson v. 9
ISBN: 0946619190

Pullman porter blues / words and music by Clifford Ulrich and Burton Hamilton.

Popular music 1921-1930.
Author: Ulrich, Clifford.
Edition: Standard ed.
Imprint: New York : Leo. Feist, ©1921.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): JWJ -V4 UL7 P96
ISBN: 9780226304540 (cloth : alk. paper)

September 12, 2016

Miseries of the country [graphic] / Rowlandson 1807.

Author: Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827,
Description: "An oafish footman (left), tilting forward a chair, shows in a party of country visitors to a fashionable young couple. The room is in Strawberry Hill Gothic with a high French window wide open and giving on a garden. Portfolios lie against a Gothic cabinet on which is a sloping stand for prints. The hostess receives her visitors, extending her left hand; her husband makes a gesture of annoyance. An old crone with a young woman, two children, and two loutish men advance from the door (left). Below: 'While deeply, delightfully, and as you hope safely engaged at home in the morning, after peremptory orders of denial to all comers whomsoever, to be suddenly surprized through the treachery or folly of your servant by an inroad from a party of the starched stupid cold idle natives of a country town who lay a formal siege (by sap) to your leisure' [. . . for at least two hours, in almost total silence]."--British Museum online catalogue.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Auchincloss Rowlandson v. 9
ISBN: 0021600147

More miseries [graphic] / Rowlandson fecit.

Author: Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827,
Description: "A duellist and his second stand together, both trembling, in a sandy space among trees. In the middle distance (r.) his antagonist marches up aggressively, arm-in-arm with an obese, truculent second. On the left. a fat surgeon waits, holding a basket of instruments. In the background is a waiting coach (r.). Below: 'Sending a challenge, requesting a timid friend attend you to the field, who you think will not fail to acquaint the magistrate of it, going with honor to the appointed spot, anxiously looking back every step to see if the Bow Street officers are coming without seeing a soul but your Antagonist and the seconds."--British Museum online catalogue.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Auchincloss Rowlandson v. 9
ISBN: 0021600147

Oasaycap chronicle.

Technical education Kansas Topeka Periodicals.
Imprint: Topeka, Kansas State Boys' Industrial School.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating) Technical Services in process: Zc39 Oa7
ISBN: 156846004X

Oxford companion to music / edited by Alison Latham.

Music Dictionaries.
Description: A comprehensive single-volume reference to the Western musical tradition. Hundreds of entries explore all aspects of music theory, performance practice, composers, artists, instruments, notation, and more. Annotation. First published in 1938, The Oxford Companion to Music has been the first choice for authoritative information on all aspects of music. Now, 17 years since the last edition, the Companion is here to serve a new generation of students, teachers, performers, concert goers, record collectors, and music lovers.Completely revised and updated by a distinguished team of contributors, the Oxford Companion to Music features more than 1,000 new entries than the previous edition; more than 70 percent of the entire text is either new or entirely rewritten. Here, in articles that range from clear, concise definitions of musical ideas and terms to extended surveys of musical forms and styles, is authoritative coverage of virtually every musical subject. Embracing the world of music in all its variety--including jazz, popular music, and dance--the Companion offers a concentrated focus on the Western classic tradition, from the Middle Ages to the present day. More than 8,000 articles sweep across an extraordinary range of subjects: composers, performers, conductors, individual works, instruments and notation, forms and genres. From the study of music--theory, aesthetics, scholarship--to the way it is performed and disseminated, the Companion provides comprehensive, accessible coverage of music in all its artistic, historical, cultural, and social dimensions.Comprehensive, authoritative, up-to-date, and designed throughout for clarity and accessibility, the new Oxford Companion to Music, like every edition before it, will immediately become an indispensable resource for all who wish to enrich their love and knowledge of music.
Imprint: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE, Reference (Non-Circulating): ML100 .S36 2003 (LC)
ISBN: 9780198662129

Annual report on the mines and mills of the Tombstone Mill and Mining Company, with production and expenses, for the year ...

Gold mines and mining Arizona Cochise County Periodicals.
Author: Tombstone Mill and Mining Company,
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating) Technical Services in process: Zc56 +T59

Political affection [graphic].

Author: Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827,
Description: "The Duchess of Devonshire seated in a chair offers her bared breast to a fox dressed as an infant, which stands on its hind legs before her, placing a paw across her lap. Her own infant, seated on the ground (right) neglected, stretches out her arms to her mother with a protesting scream. In the foreground (left) a cat licks the face of a dog which sits on its hind legs, while a kitten crawls neglected beside it. Behind the animals is an empty cradle. On the wall (left) is Reynolds's portrait of the Duke of Devonshire standing beside his horse, as in British Museum Satires No. 6529. Another portrait (right) is of a stout man wearing a hat walking to the right, one hand in his pocket, the other resting on a stick (? Fox). These are freely sketched."--British Museum online catalogue.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Auchincloss Rowlandson v. 1
ISBN: 9780226304540 (cloth : alk. paper)

Are you from Dixie? : 'cause I'm from Dixie too / words by Jack Yellen ; music by George L. Cobb.

Popular music 1911-1920.
Author: Cobb, George L., 1886-1942,
Imprint: New York : M. Witmark & Sons, ©1915.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): JWJ -V4 C633 Ar31b

R.L. Polk & Co's Lawton city directory ...

Business enterprises Oklahoma Lawton Directories.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating) Technical Services in process: Zc41 R56
ISBN: 9780226304540 (cloth : alk. paper)


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