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The Library's catalog, Orbis, provides access to collections material across the Yale University Library.  Below is a list of recently cataloged Beinecke Library acquisitions that are now available in the catalog.

July 14, 2015

This train stops 20 minutes for supper at the Golden [spike] Hotel, Promontory, Utah.

Hotels Utah.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): BrSide4o Zc58 870th
ISBN: 0571161480

Corner near the Bank, or, An example for fathers [graphic] / Js. Gy. desn. & fect.

Author: Gillray, James, 1756-1815,
Description: "An elderly man, bent to deformity, thin and shambling, in profile to the left, follows two flamboyant prostitutes who walk arm-in-arm, looking behind them. He supports himself on a walking-stick; from his pocket protrudes a book: 'Modest Prints'. The women's dresses trail on the pavement, but one lifts her skirt to display her legs. The background is formed of the massive stones at the corner of a high building."--British Museum online catalogue.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Auchincloss Gillray v. 9
ISBN: 0940650533

New Jersey for the Union : speech of Hon. James M. Scovel, Senator from Camden, upon the bill prohibiting the enlistment of Negro troops in New Jersey, under a penalty of $500, or imprisonment for five years, deliveredMarch 16, 1864.

African American soldiers New Jersey.
Author: Scovel, James M.
Imprint: Trenton, N.J. : Murphy & Bechtel, Printers ..., 1864.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Cc5 5 72 71
ISBN: 0140157395 :

This world is one great battle field, with forces all arrayed ...

Author: Tindley, Charles Albert,
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): BrSides Box 2015 534
ISBN: 0571161480

Crowning victory of the Union Pacific Railroad as a winter line.

Railroad travel Cold weather conditions.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): BrSide4o ZC19 Un3k 870cr
ISBN: 0940650533

Opening of Fort Peck Indian Reservation to settlers.

Homestead law United States.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): BrSide4o Zc14 M9 913op
ISBN: 0140169636 :

To the stockholders of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company.

Author: Northern Pacific Railroad Company,
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): BrSide4o Zc19 N82k 893no
ISBN: 0571161480

7th quarterly drawing : Wyoming lottery, legalized by authority of an Act of the Legislature of Wyoming. $ 345,000 in cash prizes to be drawn May 31, 1876, Laramie City, Wyoming ...

Lotteries Wyoming.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): BrSide4o Zc47 876se

February report of the Texas Oklahoma Homestead Colony, organized December, 1885, office at Queen City, Texas.

Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): BrSide4o Zc52 877fe
ISBN: 0452265630

Praise song / by Jaki Shelton Green.

American poetry African American authors.
Author: Green, Jaki Shelton, 1953-
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): BrSides Box 2015 537
ISBN: 0140169636 :


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