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The Library's catalog, Orbis, provides access to collections material across the Yale University Library.  Below is a list of recently cataloged Beinecke Library acquisitions that are now available in the catalog.

August 11, 2015

Barbers-shop in assize time [graphic] : from a picture painted by H.W. Bunbury, Esqre. / Js. Gillray fect.

Author: Gillray, James, 1756-1815,
Description: "A country barber, his assistant, and a boy, are engaged in shaving and wig-dressing. An elderly rustic sits full-face and well-lathered in an arm-chair in the centre of the shop, while a lean and tattered barber holds the bowl. A stout farmer in top-boots (left) with a stubbly face dubiously contemplates a wig, which he holds on a tall wig-block. On the right a fat barber painfully shaves an old man, while a younger customer stanches a cut over a basin. A young boy in front of them holds two elaborately curled legal wigs. A long judge's wig, uncurled, hangs from a wig-block. Behind (left) a prim, elderly man in a newly dressed wig adjusts his neck-cloth at a small mirror; a coachman in back view puts on his tightly curled wig. There are also two dogs, two cats, a magpie taking part of a wig from a box on the floor, and another bird in a cage. Above the door (right) are fishing-rods and a creel. On the wall are four prints: a naval battle (framed); a view of the 'County Gaol'; an execution scene; and a skeleton fiddling to exulting demons. There is also 'A Calendar of the Prisoners to be Tried. . . '. The room is ramshackle with a casement window, bricks showing through the plaster. From the roof hang a ham and a bundle of turnips and carrots."--British Museum online catalogue, description of an earlier state of the same composition.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Auchincloss Gillray v. 11
ISBN: 1555914438

[Rider on horseback] [graphic].

Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Auchincloss Gillray v. 11
ISBN: 0988539934

Barbers-shop in assize time] [graphic].

Author: Gillray, James, 1756-1815,
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Auchincloss Gillray v. 11
ISBN: 1555914438

Molière in England / vom Oberlehrer Dr. Claas Humbert.

Author: Humbert, Claas Hugo, 1830-1904.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Pforzheimer Molière +83
ISBN: 9781927380956 (pbk.)

Comet of 1811 [graphic].

Description: "An adaptation in reverse of No. 7508 by Sayers. The Prince's head, set in a star which is the head of the comet, is as in No. 7508 except for the addition of a stock between the wings of the coat-collar. In the comet's tail the first profile head is that of Moira, replacing Sheridan who is in the second place, between and in front of Erskine and a partly concealed profile perhaps intended for Ponsonby. Next are the Duke of Norfolk and Lord Derby. Behind them are (?) Tierney and a good-looking military officer. Next come three Grenvilles abreast: Lord Temple between Lord Grenville (on his right) and the spectacled Buckingham. Behind them are Whitbread, holding up a frothing tankard of his 'Entire', and Lansdowne. Behind these are Grey, and (partly obscured) Lord Carlisle. Two heads with faces hidden are on the extreme right."--British Museum online catalogue.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Auchincloss Gillray v. 11
ISBN: 0060166401

Coyote meets Kafka / Joseph K.

Author: Knighton, José,
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Zab K7485 983C
ISBN: 0942688082

Dead Sea : myth, history, and politics / Barbara Kreiger ; foreword by Noel Perrin.

Author: Kreiger, Barbara,
Imprint: Hanover, N.H. ; London : Brandeis University Press, ©1997.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Zab W6758 Zz997Kr
ISBN: 087451827X

Forgotten edens : exploring the world's wild places / photographic essays by Frans Lanting ; text essays by Christine K. Eckstrom ; prepared by the Book Division, National Geographic Society.

Natural history.
Author: Lanting, Frans,
Description: Photographic portfolios and text essays present the beauty and wonder of the natural world, from the rain forests of the Asian tropics to Antarctica.
Imprint: Washington, D.C. : The Society, ©1993.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Zab W6758 +Zz993L
ISBN: 0870448668

Grace, fashion, and manners [graphic] : from the life / design'd by an amateur ; Js. Gillray fecit.

Author: Gillray, James, 1756-1815,
Description: "Three tall young women, holding each other by the arm, walk, right to left, with hoydenish grace, their figures defined under trailing, high-waisted, short-sleeved, and low-necked muslin gowns. All are dressed alike with close-cropped hair under close-fitting caps, scarves twisted round the neck, and long gloves. All have parasols, but two are closed. There is a background of trees."--British Museum online catalogue.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Auchincloss Gillray v. 11
ISBN: 0870448668

Holy place : why caring for the earth and being kind to animals matters / Aaron R. Kelson.

Nature Religious aspects.
Author: Kelson, Aaron R.,
Edition: 1st ed.
Imprint: Spotsylvania, Va. : White Pine Pub., ©1999.
Language: English
Location: BEINECKE (Non-Circulating): Zab W6758 Zz999K
ISBN: 0967279801


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