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Blackface Minstrelsy and the Politics of Power

Materials list for "Blackface Minstrelsy and the Politics of Power," ThStds 304 / AfAm 225/ AmStud 338

Minstrelsy and 19th Century Black Performance

Octoroon playbill from Worcester, Mass [?] BrSides 2014 312

Octoroon playbill from Nottingham, England BrSides Double Folio 2011 43

Lithograph advertisement for Primrose & West’s minstrels 2016 Folio 94

Vocal Gems of Primrose and West’s Big Minstrels JWJ –V4 P935 V85

Jim Crow: a celebrated American n***** song as sung by Mr. T.D. Rice & also by Mr. Webster, JWJ –V4 R357 J5641

Mr. T. Rice as The Original Jim Crow, JWJ –V4 R357 J5643

acting editions of 40 Charles White plays JWJ Za W5825 C1


Uncle Tom’s Cabin in American Life

Emilio, M. “Little Eva: Song (Little Eva, Uncle Tom’s Guardian Angel).” Boston: Jewett, c1852. Za St78 +G852E

Boston Museum 10th Season: 6th Week of the New and Intensely Interesting Play, Uncle Tom’s Cabin! 1852. BrSides Folio 2014 194

Eva and Topsy porcelain (1852) Art Storage 925

Linley, G. “Emmeline & Cassy: Duet.” London: Chappell, 1852. Za St78 +G852M

Mrs. Keeley as Topsy. In the drama of "Slave life," or, "Uncle Tom ' s Cabin" as performed at the Theatre Royal Adelphi. From life on stone by Louisa Corbaux (1853) BrSides 2013 166

Broadside: Coming soon! Parsons & Pool’s original Uncle Tom’s cabin and Tennessee Jubilee Singers [between 1870 and 1889] BrSides Folio 2004 2

[Collection of advertisements relating to Uncle Tom's cabin] 9 cards advertising Uncle Tom's cabin  ca. 1880s Za St78 J852 1-9

Peck & Fursman’s Mammoth Spectacular Uncle Tom’s Cabin featuring the Hyer Sisters as 2 Topsys, Brsides 2013 171


Williams and Walker

Photographs of Williams and Walker as well as Aida Overton Walker and Lottie Williams, JWJ MSS 76 Boxes 12 and 17


American Modernism on Page and Stage

Gertrude Stein, Three Lives manuscript notebooks, YCAL MSS 76 Box 76

Ezra Pound, correspondence with T.S. Eliot, YCAL MSS 43 Box 15

Porgy and Bess Correspondence Files YCAL MSS 436 Box 93

Porgy and Bess photographs YCAL MSS 436 Box 827



Additional items to consider:

Online: photographs by Carl Van Vechten of Bessie Smith, Paul Robeson: search 

Christy’s and White’s Ethiopian melodies JWJ Zan2 800C

Afro-American Mastodon Minstrel, BrSides Box 2015 296

California Theatre, The Famous Drama in 6 Acts, Uncle Tom's Cabin! BrSides 2006 45 70

Script from The Richard Pryor Show, JWJ Zan P9567 +977R

Pressbooks for motion pictures with Richard Pryor (California Suite, Stir Crazy, Wholly Moses, Toy), 2014 Folio 492

Lobby cards for Greased Lightning BrSides 2012 10

Kara Walker, Porgy and Bess Za H519 +F2013H

Kara Walker, Freedom: a fable JWJ Zan W1528 +997F


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