Devotion and Inspiration: Beinecke People
Friday, January 18, 2013 to Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Historic Photos

6.1 Left to right: Herman Liebert, Chauncey Brewster Tinker, Carl Van Vechten, and Donald Gallup outside Sterling Memorial Library, 1950.

Although this photograph pre-dates the creation of the Beinecke, all of the men pictured were involved in some way with the library.  Liebert, who was curator of the Rare Book Room, became Beinecke’s first Librarian (i.e. director); Tinker had in 1924 exhorted Yale to create a scholarly library that would include rare books; Van Vechten donated the core of the James Weldon Johnson Memorial Collection of material related to African-American writers and artists, now at Beinecke; and Gallup served as Curator of the Yale Collection of American Literature when it was at Sterling and after it moved to Beinecke. 


6.2 Topping Out Ceremony, 1962.

Most of the people in this photograph, taken during construction of the Beinecke, were involved in some way with the library. Left to right: J. Gordon Kenefick, Thomas E. Marston, Edwin J. Beinecke, James T. Babb, Frederick W. Beinecke, Howard B. Gotlieb, David Roy Watkins, Vera Barry, Marjorie G. Wynne, Robert J. Olsen, F. Bernice Field, Donald C. Gallup, Archibald Hanna, Jr., Dale R. Roylance, and Donald G. Wing.


6.3 Moving the books from Sterling into Beinecke, August 18, 1963.


6.4 Researchers in the Reading Room at Beinecke, 1963.


6.5 Beinecke Library staff members, September 5, 2012.

At the time of this photograph, the Beinecke had a staff of approximately 110 people, about half of whom are pictured here. 



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