Mondays at Beinecke

Mondays at 4:00 pm during the semester, you are cordially invited to tea and a gallery talk with Beinecke Library curators, visiting research fellows, and other scholars.

Please join us for fascinating encounters with the Beinecke's collections!



Spring 2018


January 22: Melissa Barton, Nancy Kuhl, and Elizabeth Frengel on + The Art of Collaboration

January 29: Mike Kelleher on The Elevator Project

February 5: Natalie Rose Schwartz, ’17, Bread and Jam for Frances skipping song 

February 12: David Blight, re: Frederick Douglass 

February 19: Raffaella Donatich, ’19, PaJaMa and Aché Magazine collaborations

February 26: Jill Campbell, The Mouse and His Child or Bread and Jam

March 5: Tim Young, on the acquisition of the Hoban papers and the children’s books of Langston Hughes

NOTE: no talks or teas during Spring Recess, March 12 and 19

March 26: Brent Salter, Province Town Players and legal considerations for theatrical collaborations 

April 2: Moira Fitzgerald, Head of Access ServicesApril 9: Richard Deming on Orson Welles

April 16: Curators Melissa Barton, Elizabeth Frengel, and Nancy Kuhl with a wrap-up on + The Art of Collaboration

April 23: TBA

Fall 2017


September 18: Ray Clemens and Diane Ducharme, Curating the Takamiya Exhibition


September 25: Joe Stadolnik, Beinecke MS 228, A manuscript of the medieval English religious text Dives and Pauper, or "Rich One and Poor One," made in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1465.


October 2: Michael Morand on history and highlights of the 1742 Library of Yale


October 9: Alexandra Reider, PhD candidate ‘19, English Dept., and co-curator of Takamiya exhibition


October 16: Anna Franz, Assistant Head of Access Services, Takamiya MS 8, Mirrour of the blessed lyf of Jesu Christ, specifically how it was owned and gifted by three different women


October 23: Jessica Brantley, Professor of English and Director of Undergraduate Studies,


October 30: Emily Ulrich, PhD candidate ‘18, Medieval Studies., and co-curator of Takamiya exhibition


November 6: Eric Ensley, PhD candidate ‘21, English Dept., and co-curator of Takamiya exhibition – Piers Plowman vitrine, Takamiya MS 23, etc.


November 13: Gina M. Hurley, PhD candidate ‘19, Medieval Studies and co-curator of Takamiya exhibition – The Arthurian Legend in manuscript, including Takamiya MS 99 and Beinecke MS 12.


No tea November 20 due to Thanksgiving recess


November 27: Diane Ducharme, archivist, paleographer and co-curator of the Takamiya exhibition on early English scripts and the Takamiya collection


December 4: Rebecca Hill, PhD candidate, UCLA Dept. of English, and Beinecke visiting graduate student fellow, Summer 2017 – mss tbd


Spring 2017

January 23

Emily Bernard, Carl Van Vechten and the Harlem Renaissance


January 30

Melissa Barton, acquisition of Night-Club Map of Harlem


February 6

Willie Ruff, W. C. Handy


February 13

Phoenix Alexander, grad student, on George S. Schuyler and speculative fiction


February 20

Robert Stepto on Aaron Douglas


February 27

Eve Houghton, ’17, William Davenant and the earliest extant manuscript of “Macbeth”


March  6

Nancy Kuhl, Miguel Covarrubias 


March 27

Kathi Isham, Archiving the Beinecke Records and the invasion of the death-watch beetles


April 10

Information to come


April 17

Information to come


April 24

Michael Morand, 1748 Map of New Haven




Fall 2016


October 3
Kathryn James, Curator, Early Modern & Osborn Collections, Carew ms, Pirie sale


October 10
(NO TEA, however: Mondays at Beinecke co-sponsoring reading by Elizabeth Alexader at 4:00 p.m. with YCAL-JWJ


October 17

Kevin Repp, Curator, Modern European Books and Manuscripts, "British Punk at Both Ends of the Dial"


October 24

Bill Reese, Alexander Gardner’s photographs of the Union Pacific Railway

October 31

Jackie Goldsby on James Weldon Johnson's Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man


November 7

Liz Hebbard, doctoral candidate, Dept. of French. Book breaking and the Otto Ege manuscripts

November 14
Tim Young, Curator, Modern Books & Manuscripts, Margaret Wise Brown acquisition


(Nota bene: no tea the week of Thanksgiving)

November 28

Adam Mahler, ’17, “Wandering Lyric” a Troubadour performance of chanson, followed by Pound’s poems, set to music, including Ancient Music, a parody of medieval rota.

(Nota bene: no tea on Monday, Dec. 5)

December 12
Juliette Wells, Goucher College 1816 Philadelphia Emma.



Spring 2015

January 12
Alison Clemens, Beinecke Archivist, The Yale 1742 Library


January 19 
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, NO TEA


January 26

Daniel Botsman, Professor of History, Japanese Treasures


February 2

Kevin Repp, Curator of Modern European Books and Manuscripts, Fun on the Titanic


February 9

Haruko Nakamura, Librarian for Japanese Studies, Yale University Library, Japanese Treasures


February 16

Stacie Vos, Graduate Student, Yale Divinity School, Gutenberg Bible


February 23

Melissa Barton, Curator of Prose/Drama, Yale Collection of American Literature, Paul Robeson as Othello 


March 2
Daphne Brooks, Professor of African American Studes and Theater Studies, Casting Shadows


March 9
Spring Break, no gallery talk 

March 16
Spring Break, no gallery talk


March 23
Ray Clemens, Curator of Early Books and Manuscripts, Yale Collection of Incunabula


March 30 
Kevin Repp, Curator of Modern European Books and Manuscripts, Fun on the Titanic


April 6
E.C. Schroeder, Director of the Beinecke Library, Behind the scenes of the Beinecke's renovation


Fall 2014

September 8

Diane Ducharme, archivist, Beinecke Library, Lucy Hutchinson's Order and Disorder (Osborn fb100)


September 15

No tea scheduled.

September 22

Ray Clemens, Beinecke Curator of Early Book and Manuscripts, co-curator of Reading English


September 29

Joseph Roach, Sterling Professor of Theater and English, W. K. Wimsatt and James Marshall Osborn


October 6

Andrew Brown, graduate student and co-curator of Reading English 


October 13

Rebekah Ahrendt , Assistant Professor, Yale Department of Music, The Grand Tour


October 20

Patty Guardiola, 2014-15 Kress Fellow in Art Librarianship, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library


October 27
Barbara Shailor, Senior Research Scholar in the Classics Department, John Gower

November 3
Tea with the library's visiting research fellows

November 11
No tea

November 17
Katherine Hindley, medieval prayer roll in the Takamiya collection

November 24
No tea

December 1
Kathryn James, Beinecke Curator of Early Modern and Osborn Collections, Thomas Thistlewood papers

December 8
Marie-France Lemay, Paper Conservator at the Yale Library, pigments and dyes, “Reading English”


Spring 2014

January 27 Bruce Gordon, Titus Street Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Yale Divinity School
Newly acquired Tyndale Bibles

February 3 Nancy Kuhl, Curator for Poetry, Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Library
"Blue: Color and Concept," an exhibition on view through April 19, 2014

February 10 Timothy Young, Curator for Modern Books and Manuscripts, Beinecke Library
"Stephen Tennant: Work in Progress," an exhibition on view through May 28, 2014

February 17 No talk scheduled

February 24 Jae Rossman, Assistant Director, Special Collections, Haas Family Arts Library
"Blue: Color and Concept"

March 3 Melissa Barton, Curator for Prose and Drama, Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Library
"St. Louis Woman," from "Blue: Color and Concept"

March 10 Lindsay King, Personal Librarian, Haas Family Arts Library
"Stephen Tennant: Work in Progress"

March 17 Timothy Young, Curator for Modern Books and Manscripts, Beinecke Library
Children's Books and Blue / Seguy's Insects & Butterflies, "Blue: Color and Concept"

March 24 Katie Trumpener, Professor of Comparative Literature and English, Yale University
"Inivitation to a Tale," from "Under the Covers: A Visual History of Decorated Endpapers," an exhibition on view through May 28

March 31 Elana Herzog, Lecturer, Yale University School of Art
Manuscript Waste as Endpapers, "Under the Covers: A Visual History of Decorated Endpapers"

April 7 Catherine H. Stephens, Senior Conservation Scientist, Center for Conservation and Preservation
Conservation Principles as Applied to Exhibitions

April 14 Linda Peterson, Niel Gray, Jr. Professor of English, Yale University
Winnowings from Wordsworth, "Under the Covers: A Visiual History of Decorated Endpapers"

April 21 Howard Bloch, Sterling Professor of French and Chair of the Humanities Program, Yale University
Medieval French Illuminators, "Under the Covers: A Visiual History of Decorated Endpapers"

April 28 Elizabeth Frengel, Research Librarian, Beinecke Library
E.H. Shepard's Endpaper Map of the "100 Aker Wood" and "The Wild Wood and Surrounding Country"

May 5 Olivia Hillmer, Exhibitions Assistant, Beinecke Library
The Craft of Exhibition Installation 


Fall 2013

September 16 Kathryn James, Curator for Early Modern Books and Manuscripts & the Osborn Collection, Beinecke Library

A recently acquired manuscript reader's copy, ca. 1613, of John Donne's Satires

September 23 Heather Dean, Archivist, Beinecke Library
"In the Mind's Eye: Beinecke Architecture Imagined," an exhibition on view through December 31, 2013

September 30 Kevin Repp, Curator for Modern European Books and Manuscripts, Beinecke Library
An introduction to the Beinecke Library graduate and visiting research fellowship program

October 7 George Miles, Curator for Western Americana, Beinecke Library
"The Power of Pictures," an introduction to the new Beinecke exhibition

October 14 Janice Carlisle, Professor of English, Department of English
An original drawing for Charles Dickens's The Pickwick Papers, with his comments and corrections

October 21 Mia Reinoso Genoni, John B. Madden Dean of Berkeley College; Lecturer in History of Art and Special Programs in the Humanities
An early 16th-century copy of Francisco Giorgio di Martini's architectural manuscript, Trattati di archittetura ingegneria e arte militare.

October 28 Kevin Repp, Curator for Modern European Books and Manuscripts, Beinecke Library

November 4 Timothy Young, Curator for Modern Books and Manuscripts, Beinecke Library
Sodoms zonde und straffe [Sodom's Sin and Punishment], from early 18th-c. Amsterdam

November 11 Laura Wexler, Professor of American Studies & Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Personal photography - the Romanov family album, the poet H.D.'s scrapbook, and J.M. Barrie's The Boy Castaways of Black Lake Island

November 18 John Faragher, Howard R. Lamar Professor of History & American Studies and Director of the Howard R. Lamar Center
Western expeditionary art - works by Alfred Jacob Miller and Carl Bodmer

November 25 Ray Clemens, Curator for Early Books and Manuscripts, Beinecke Library
Portolan charts of the Mediterranean from sixteenth-century Portugal

December 2 Nancy Kuhl, Curator for Poetry, Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Library

December 9 Susan Gibbons, University Librarian, Yale University Library
The city of God and the city of Man, an illuminated copy of Augustine's De Civitate Dei, Paris, ca. 1415

December 16 Jonathan Holloway, Professor of History and American Studies; Professor and Chair of African American Studies
Posters by Emory Douglas, illustrator for the Black Panther Party 




Spring 2013

January 27 Kathryn James, Beinecke Library
By Hand, the current exhibition

February 4 Lanny Hammer, Yale Department of English
James Merrill’s Ouija board

February 11 Re-scheduled due to snow

February 18 Anders Winroth,
Yale Department of History, and Ray Clemens, Beinecke Library
The Vinland Map and Voynich Manuscript

February 25 No Fellows' Tea

March 4 Jessica Brantley,
Yale Department of English
Rothschild canticles and ivory writing tablets

March 11 Tom Bolze, Beinecke Library, and Ellen Ellickson, Beinecke Library
Marjorie Wynne

March 18 Kevin Repp, Beinecke Library
The Milles Pensees of Henri Chopin

March 25 Tim Young, Beinecke Library
Monroe Wheeler and Glenway Wescott datebooks

April 1 Richard Deming, Yale Department of English
Thoreau’s manuscript of Walden

April 8 Larry Manley, Yale Department of English
William Henry Ireland album of Shakespeare forgeries

April 15 Susan Howe, 2011 winner of the Bollingen Prize in American Poetry
Sarah Pierpont Edwards’ wedding dress

April 22 Nancy Kuhl, Beinecke Library
Ernest "Hem" Hemingway's postcards

April 29 George Miles, Beinecke Library
Lewis and Clark Map

May 6 Kathryn James, Beinecke Library

May 13 Michael Warner, Chair and Seymour H. Knox Professor, Yale Department of English
Sermon notes by Jonathan Edwards



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