Frequently Asked Questions for Yale Graduate Student Fellowships

I’m afraid my application materials will be late; will my application still be considered?

Since applications are now available online, the expectation is that applications are completed and uploaded by the deadline. The selection committee grants a short grace period for letters of recommendation. Letters are expected to be received within 6 weeks of the application deadline. 

How do I submit my recommendation letters?

There is a section on the online application devoted to letters of recommendation. The application portal will generate a link to be sent directly to your recommender with instructions on how to upload their letters. 

What are the dates for semester long fellowships?

Beginning and end dates for SEMESTER FELLOWSHIPS are as follows:

  • Fall Term: First day of classes until day before spring terms begins 
  • Spring Term: First day of classes through commencement 

The Beinecke Library is open during spring and fall recess. 

When are the awards announced?

Awards are typically announced 6-8 weeks after the application deadline.

I am a professional school student; what is a DGS?

A DGS applies only to Graduate School students; it is the Director of Graduate Studies.

I don’t have a dissertation advisor/DGS, who can send a letter?

Your research advisor for your culminating project can send a letter of recommendation.

I'm an MFA student and don’t have a “dissertation topic” or “dissertation advisor”, what should I put in those application fields?

Please enter the topic of your culminating project in the “dissertation topic” field. Please enter your principal professional school advisor in the “dissertation advisor” field..

I am completing a joint degree, and thus, I have two DGSs. Do I need to submit letters of recommendation from both DGSs?

Yes, please submit a letter from each DGS or advisor you may have.

I am a first-year student – am I eligible for a pre-prospectus fellowship?

Yes, first year Graduate and Professional school students are eligible.

I am a professional school student, am I eligible for a pre-prospectus fellowship?

Professional school students should use the application for Graduate and Professional School students. 

I am graduating in May. Am I still eligible to apply for a summer fellowship to continue a current work in progress?

No, you are not eligible.

Can I submit my application materials through Interfolio?

No, we do not subscribe to Interfolio.

Would it be okay for me to send in my application materials via email?

The Application form is located on the Yale Student Grants & Fellowships website.  All application material, including letters of recommendation, should be uploaded with your application. Emailed application material will not be accepted.