Closed Collections Schedule

The Beinecke offers the following lists of closures, which are subject to change and updated regularly: material closed for digitization (arranged by call number); material closed for preservation (arranged by call number); material closed for loan (arranged by call number); printed materials closed for processing (arranged by call number); and manuscript material closed for processing (alphabetical). All of these activities may result in extended closures.

The Beinecke is an active research library, and in addition to materials on this list, individual items may be already in use and therefore unavailable at the time they are requested for research. These uses may include classes, loans, exhibits, conservation, and use by other researchers in the reading room. The Beinecke is also a large library, with staff working with collections in multiple locations. Therefore, additional time may be required to provide access to some items.

Material Closed for Digitization

Collection Call Number Box or Vol Closed From Closed Through
Takamiya Collection of Medieval Manuscripts Takamiya MS 25, 70, 92, 93 Jan 2017 TBD

Material Closed for Preservation

Collection Call Number Box or Vol Closed From Closed Through
Este Tarots ITA103   October 2018 September 2020
Visconti Tarots ITA109   October 2018 September 2020
Susan Howe Papers YCAL MSS 338 Boxes 21-30 November 2018 TBD

Material Closed for Loan

No materials are closed for loan at this time.

Collection Call Number Box or Vol Closed From Closed Through

Printed Material Closed for Processing

Collection Call Number Box or Vol Closed From Closed Through
Maps in Covers call numbers begin Covers or Double Covers   Oct 2017 Jan 2018

Manuscript Material Closed for Processing

Collection Call Number Closed From Closed Through
Baskin, Leonard papers Multiple call numbers Mar 2015 TBD
Bismuth-Lemaître papers GEN MSS 754 Aug 2018 Dec 2020
Cohen, Lucy Kramer papers WA MSS S-2635 Oct 2019 April 2020
Feelings, Tom papers (addition) 2013.jwj.15 Sep 2013 Mar 2020
Franklin, Benjamin collection MS Vault Franklin Jan 2015 Feb 2020
Jackson collection of LaFayette MS Vault LaFayette Jan 2015 Feb 2020
Johnson (James Weldon) Collection, Small Collections in the JWJ MSS Small Collections Nov 2019 TBD
Koestenbaum, Wayne papers 2018.genm.0039 Feb 2018 Mar 2020
Koestenbaum, Wayne papers (addition) 2019.genm.0099 May 2019 Far 2020
Living Theatre Records Multiple Call Numbers Jan 2018 TBD
Meserve Kunhardt Collection 2016.genam.0021 Sep 2015 TBD
Mitzel, John papers 2013.genm.80
Sep 2013 Dec 2020
Morath (Inge) Photographs and Papers (addition) 2018.genam.0040 Apr 2018 Dec 2020
Myles, Eileen papers 2018.ycal.0051 Feb 2018 Dec 2020
O’Leary, Jean papers 2017.genm.0058 May 2017 Dec 2020
Pearson, Norman Holmes papers YCAL MSS 899 Jan 2019 Aug 2020
Rochambeau and West Indies Collection Uncat MS Vault 223 Jan 2018 TBD
Strub, Sean papers 2017.genm.0057 May 2017 Dec 2020
Walke, Henry artwork 2018.wa.0196 Feb 2018 Dec 2020