RBMS Committees and Officers During "Ebb and Flow" Conference

RBMS Committees and Officers

ACRL/RBMS Executive Committee 2003/2004
Margaret F. Nichols - Chair (2004)
Elaine B. Smyth - Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2004)
Daniel J. Slive - Past Chair (2004)
John M. Cullars - Secretary (2005)
Katherine Reagan - Member at Large (2004)
Isaac M. Gewirtz - Member at Large (2005)
Rachel Howarth - Member at Large (2006)

Conference Development Committee
Judy Harvey Sahak - Chair (2005)
Julia D. Blakely (2005)
Nicole L. Bouché - Ex officio (2005)
Pat Bozeman (2004)
Richenda Brim (2005)
Mary A. Lacy - Ex officio (2006)
Margaret F. Nichols - Ex officio (2005)
Anne Posega - Ex officio (2006)
Susan Stekel Rippley (2004)
Daniel J. Slive - Ex officio (2004)
Elaine B. Smyth - Ex officio (2006)

Local Arrangements Committee
Nicole L. Bouché (Chair), Beinecke Library
Kathleen T. Burns, Beinecke Library
Ellen Cordes, Beinecke Library
Ellen Doon, Beinecke Library
Diane Ducharme, Beinecke Library
Ellen Ellickson, Sterling Memorial Library
Michael Forstrom, Beinecke Library
Jane Gillis, Sterling Memorial Library
Nancy Kuhl, Beinecke Library
Jae Rossman, Sterling Memorial Library
E.C. Schroeder, Beinecke Library
Karen Spicher, Beinecke Library
Manon Théroux, Sterling Memorial Library
Susan Walker, Lewis Walpole Library
Timothy Young, Beinecke Library
Margaret F. Nichols - Ex officio (2004), Cornell University

Preconference Program Planning Committee
Mike Kelly - Chair (2004)
Nicole L. Bouché (2004)
Lynda C. Claassen (2004)
Laura Cochrane (2004)
Julie Grob (2004)
Danette Pachtner (2004)
Henry F. Raine (2004)
Beth M. Russell (2004)
Nina Schneider (2004)
Daniel J. Slive (2004)
William Stingone (2004)
Tara L. Wenger (2004)

Seminars Committee (2003/2004)
Elizabeth Johnson - Chair (2004)
Kathleen T. Burns (2005)
Chatham Ewing (2004)
Cristina Favretto (2005)
Nancy L. Milnor (2005)
R. Arvid Nelson - Intern (2004)
Barbara Paulson (2005)
Jennifer Schaffner (2004)


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