Video from Beinecke Library or about authors and others in the collections

September 16, 2021

By Michael Morand

Beinecke Library on YouTube

Visit the library’s YouTube Channel for a growing set of videos, including collections highlights, the Beinecke Illuminated visual podcast series that goes behind the scenes with archivists and other staff, and videos from exhibitions. New video is added regularly!

Windham-Campbell Prizes on Vimeo

The Windham-Campbell Prizes,  established in 2013,  call attention to literary achievement and provide writers working in English. Prizes are awarded each spring in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. The prizes Vimeo channel includes recent and past prize announcements and video content of the annual festivals with readings, lectures, and discussions by prizewinners, as well as the annual Windham-Cambell Lecture on the theme, “Why I Write,” by distinguished authors.

Video on the Beinecke digital library

The digital library includes a variety of moving images files available for viewing. One particular highlight are the Solomon Sir Jones Films, 29 silent black and white films documenting African-American communities in Oklahoma from 1924 to 1928.

External video about authors and others in Beinecke Library collections

Documentary filmmakers often use Beinecke Library collections for research and many of the people whose papers or archives are stewarded by the library have been the subject of documentaries. The links below give a small, illustrative list; new links will be added from time to time. Note: some online films may require subscriptions or have other access requirements.

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