You Are Here … maps of New Haven from the collections

June 23, 2022

By Michael Morand

Beinecke Library is proud to call New Haven home. The following list and links to local maps is published to accompany a temporary exhibition of reproductions of seven New Haven maps on the ground floor glass windows of the west side of the library (facing High Street). Please use the links below to see digitized files and detailed catalog records for many New Haven maps.

Map of New Haven / drawn by Joseph Brown, 1724 ; copied by Prest. Ezra Stiles, 1782.

Plan of the city of New Haven taken in 1748 by James Wadsworth

Plan of New Haven, 1824 / A. Doolittle, engraver.

Map of the City of New Haven, 1830, from actual survey by D.W. Buckingham, county surveyor.

Map of the city of New Haven, 1852: from surveys / by R. Whiteford

Map of the city of New Haven, Conn … by S.W. Searle.

Plan of the city of New Haven, 1868 

Benham’s new map of the city of New Haven, 1872 / drawn by Edward Lyman; from the records & surveys by S. Butler, civil engineer.

Price, Lee & Co., 1878, new map of the city of New Haven / surveyed by S.W. Searle.

The city of New Haven, Conn., 1879. [Bird’s eye view]. 

City of New Haven, Connecticut, 1893 / A.B. Hill, c.e.

Saloon map of New Haven, 1911

Insurance maps of New Haven, Connecticut. Sanborn Map Company, 1923-1924.