2020 Yale College Poets Reading Now Online

April 21, 2020

By Michael Morand

The annual Yale College Poets Reading sponsored by Yale Collection of American Literature (YCAL) reading series, cosponsored by the Creative Writing Program in Department of English, is always a highlight each spring at the library and among the creative community on campus.

Nancy Kuhl, curator of poetry in YCAL, has made sure that the reading would go on by working with colleagues to showcase the students and their work online.

Kuhl notes, in her video introduction, “The Beinecke Library is much more than a research institution. It’s also a center for the living art of American poetry and it is at the heart of Yale’s creative writing community.”

She emphasizes, “Today’s event is a first and foremost a celebration of the bright and inspiring poets” who’s worked can be watched online. 

You can watch seven of the students sharing their work on the Beinecke Library’s YouTube channel:

The 2020 Poets participating in this video reading are: Olivia Belliveau, T.C. Martin, Esther Ritchin, Patrick Shea, Tiana Wang, Maslen Bode Ward, and Karina Xie. They, Miles Kim, and Jared Newman are all showcased in a special chapbook produced to celebrate these nine poets and the vitality of poetry in Yale College.