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April 18, 2022

Jared Brunner

Jared Brunner is an undergraduate at Yale College who is majoring in Humanities and Philosophy and working towards the completion of the Medieval Studies certificate. He is interested in the intersections of poetry and philosophy in medieval Europe. He is writing a senior essay in the Humanities on the medieval imagination of nature in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the philosophical School of Chartres. He is also writing a senior essay in Philosophy on Parmenides and Spinoza in G. W. F. Hegel’s Science of Logic.

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Ozgen Felek

Ozgen Felek is a lector of Ottoman Turkish in the Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Department at Yale University. Her research interests include literature, gender, and Sufism in the early modern Ottoman world. Felek recently published the collection of Walter G. Andrews’ non-academic work, Walter G. Andrews: Writer, Poet, Playright, Unitarian Universalist (ISIS, 2021), and a diplomatic edition of Ottoman Sultan Murad III’s dream letters: Kitābü’l-Menāmāt Sultan III. Murad’ın Rüya Mektupları (“The Book of Dreams: The Dream Letters of Sultan Murad III”) (Tarih Vakfi Yurt Yayınları, 2014). She is also co-editor of Dreams and Visions in Islamic Societies (SUNY, 2012) with Alexander Knysh, and Victoria Rowe Holbrook’a Armağan (Kanat, 2006) with Walter G. Andrews. 

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Hugh M. Flick, Jr.

Hugh M. Flick, Jr. is currently a Lecturer in Religious Studies and South Asian Studies at Yale.  He served as the Dean of Silliman College for twenty-six years from 1988 until 2014. Before joining the Yale Faculty in 1988, Dr. Flick was an Assistant Professor of Folklore and Mythology at Harvard University where he taught with Professor Albert Lord. He is a US Navy veteran and has traveled extensively throughout Mexico, Latin America, India, Asia, and Africa. He has served as the Faculty Lecturer on a Yale Alumni Association tour of India, as the Study Leader on a Harvard Alumni Tour of Mystical India, as the Lecturer on a Smithsonian Institution tour of Legendary Peru, and as a Professor on the University of Virginia’s 2015 Spring Semester at Sea.

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Shahrouz Khalifian

Shahrouz Khalifian is a PhD candidate and medievalist in the Department of History. He is primarily interested in the social history of universities and academic communities in medieval Europe. His dissertation focuses on the relationship between the legal scholars in the city of Montpellier and the members of the city’s merchant community. His master’s thesis, written for his M.A. degree in History from California State University, Long Beach, is titled “’Scolares pacem cum civibus imperpetuum non haberent’: Conflict and the Formation of the University Communities in Paris, Orléans, and Toulouse, 1200-1389.” He received his B.A. in History and Journalism from CSU Long Beach.

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Ramona Teepe

Ramona Teepe is a PhD student in the Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations who researches multilingual environments in late antique and medieval Egypt. Working primarily with Arabic and Coptic, she obtained her M.A. in Arabic Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin, and her B.A. in Arabic-Islamic Studies and Ancient Cultures of Egypt and the Near East at the Westfälische-Wilhelms-Universität, Münster.

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