Beinecke Top Tens: African American Pulp

October 14, 2013

By Nancy Kuhl

African American Pulp 

Prostitution, U. S. A. / by Mike Bruno and David B. Weiss.  HQ144 .B78 1965           

Pimp : the story of my life / by Iceberg Slim.           JWJ Zan B3882 969Pb    

Mama black widow / by Iceberg Slim.       JWJ Zan B3882 969M

Ghetto sketches.  / by Odie Hawkins.                  JWJ Zan H314 972G        

Black shrink / by Phyllis James, as told to Leo Guild.             JWJ Zan J238 975B

Black assassin.  James-Howard Readus .                JWJ Zan R227 975B                      

African American Popular Magazines

Ebony        JWJ A +Eb74

Tan confessions.   JWJ A +T154      (pictured)

Jet           JWJ A J51

Bronzeman; a popular magazine for all.    JWJ A B787

Sepia Hollywood.         JWJ A +Se623

Bronz.            JWJ A B782                      

Sepia U S A.       JWJ A +Se628

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