Digitizing the Historical Record

October 9, 2014

By Nancy Kuhl

October 6-7, 2014 // Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Workshop: “Digitizing the Historical Record”
Andrew Stauffer, University of Virginia

This workshop is intended for anyone involved with the digitization of historical documents, especially those who would like to think about the larger issues and implications from a scholarly perspective.  We will focus on the theoretical, methodological, and institutional issues involved in the translation of historical documents into digital formats for scholarly use.  Rather than provide training in specific tools and methods, the course will emphasize the stakes, both local and systemic, of choices and protocols for creating digital versions of paper-based forms. Our examples will be chosen primarily from nineteenth-century literary materials published in Britain and America.  Format will be primarily that of a discussion-based seminar, with some hands-on exercises.

Our attention will be divided between physical texts on the one hand and digital archives on the other. Our goal will be to examine the implications of various technological transformations on the system of books and other documents that support scholarly inquiry into past cultures. We will be considering topics such as markup, data, metadata, interface, visualization, and archiving from a theoretical angle, with specific examples simultaneously brought to bear from the world of print and the digital environment. Our attention will also be directed to larger practical considerations, including the choice of what to digitize, the building of institutional partnerships, the discovery and re-use of digitized content by the scholarly community, and the long-term life of digital projects.

Beiencke Library materials consulted in the workshop:
[Blow book], [late 1700s]. 2014.526 
Uncataloged acquisition no. 30442
1978 Folio 11
Cohen, Claudia. Bookbinding ephemera; Paper.
Zac C66015 B64 2005
Coronelli, Vincenzo. Epitome cosmografica. (Colonia, 1693).
Eq21 693C
Davidson, Laura [Gertrude Stein]. Tender buttons, tenderly. 
Zm St34
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New Directions 1415
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Za K599 914
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Zc10 +876ma
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Baskin 556
Peret, Benjamin. Et les seins mouraient.
Ernst 147
Potter, Beatrix. The story of a fierce bad rabbit.
Shirley 629
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2006 Folio 68
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Nazraeli Press +15
Zab V3115 997E 
Watts, Isaac. The Psalms of David. (Exeter, N.H.: J. J. Williams, printer, 1818).
Shirley 4300
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1982 119