Elevenses by Charles North and Trevor Winkfield

October 26, 2020

By Nancy Kuhl

This film features Elevenses by Charles North and Trevor Winkfield, published by Granary Books in 2017. This limited-edition artists book is shown here in its entirety (Orbis record, including physical description: Call Number Zab N811 +2017E).

About the book, poet Charles North writes:  “Trevor and I had wanted to do a collaboration for Granary for some time. I had fooled around before with a longish, prosy poem in the form of a diary—this one is and isn’t—and while Trevor was fashioning his gorgeous images, I did a good deal of writing. The book really came together, and acquired something of a shape, after we hit upon the title. Not only do we both love the word elevenses, which the British use for their late morning pick-me-up; for a number of years Trevor and I have been meeting for coffee (and a walk in good weather) at 11:00 a.m. So the title seemed perfect for our collaborating in print (with no coffee stains marring Steve’s beautiful production).”

Detailed production and printing information can be found on the Granary Books website: Elevenses at Granary.

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Creativity 2020: Teaching, Learning, Research

As ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic limit access to our reading room and classrooms, Beinecke Library is exploring new ways to expose our collections to students, researchers, and interested readers; Elevenses was filmed at Beinecke Library by Tubyez Cropper for Professor Karin Roffman’s fall 2020 undergraduate class Film, Music and Art in John Ashbery’s Poetry