Go Fish!

January 8, 2021

By Timothy Young

Drawing of fish bottle by Marianne Moore

Recently, we looked at games to play inside and outside. Today, let’s go on an angling excursion.

[Featured image above: Drawing of a fish bottle by Marianne Moore]

We can plan a trip to the Adirondacks

Postcard of fishing in the Adirondacks

You say you’re aiming for flounder?

Drawing of flounder fish

Not likely where we’re going.
We’re looking for trout!

"Trout catch" painting by Dorothy Eisner

Though Rachel Carson tell us “It’ll be Shad-Time Soon”.

Article by Rachel Carson: "It'll be Shad-Time Soon"

We’ll make a stop at Mike’s Bait & Tackle,

Mike's Bait & Tackle photograph by David Plowden

We’ll use all the tricks we learned from the father of catch-and-release fly fishing, Lee Wulff.

We might run into Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway with fish
Sylvia and Edwin Beinecke fishing on Lake Michigan

But if we don’t land anything worth bragging about, we can try Rudyard Kipling’s advice on Dry-Cow Fishing.

Cover of "On dry-cow fishing as a fine art" by Rudyard Kipling
Broadside print reading: "I Wouldn't Take Tuesday Off if You'd Show Me a Fish that Would Bite on Weekends"

Happy (Virtual) Angling!

Blinky the fish