Jen Bervin Research Workshop

February 19, 2015

By Nancy Kuhl

Resources for Jen Bervin’s Research Workshop, February 20, 2015,
 including titles and call numbers.
Lexicons and Inventions
Mina Loy papers, Inventions, other papers.           
YCAL MSS 6         Box 7      
Fluxgames: Box 1, kits 1-20. By Keith Buchholz
Zab B8534 +2010F           
American dictionary of the English language : exhibiting the origin, orthography, pronunciation, and definitions of words / by Noah Webster ; abridged from the quarto edition of the author, to which are added, a synopsis of words differently pronounced by Webster, Noah, 1758-1843.               
Merriam 305         
Words … / by Bob Brown.            
Za B8155 +930     
Italian lessons. By Erica Van Horn
2004 Folio 53
8 old Irish apples. By Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts.
Zab V3115 +989L 14           
Mary Ruefle erasure books,
YCAL MSS 764    boxes 1 & 2           
Envelopes, Silk, and Samplers
Ōṃ tā re taṃ …                              
Tibet T 402
A ā i ī u u ri …                    
Tibet T 406
Pattern book for silk weaving, [circa 1790].
GEN MSS VOL 507           
Susan Howe papers, Art Work     (Detail Above)
YCAL MSS 338    Box 21 & Box 22 (22-30bsd)            
Album of interiors. By Erica Van Horn.
Zab V3115 2008A
Josephine Evans Sampler. 1839.
GEN MSS 1130   (Art)
Jonathan Edwards Manuscript Books
GEN MSS 151      Box 15     
Portraits and Prayers
Portraits and prayers. By Gertrude Stein
Za St34 934pb     Copy 1    
Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas Papers
YCAL MSS 76       Box 67, 74: Writings of Gertrude Stein     
YCAL MSS 76       Box 149, 157, 158, 159: Photographs; Photographs by Carl Van Vechten
YCAL MSS 76       Oversize box 165, 166: Gertrude Stein’s Vests
Tender buttons: objects, food, rooms. By Gertrude Stein.
Za St34 914
Tender buttons, tenderly. Adapted from Gertrude Stein
Zm St34               
Cherished beloved and most wanted. By Maureen Cummins
Zab C9127 +2009C
Ghost diary. By Maureen Cummins.
Zac C9129 G34 2003       
In memory D. Thompson. By Buck Downs.
Zab D7595 +2004J
Works by Jen Bervin
Red box / Jen Bervin.      
Zac B4633 R24 +2004 1  
Gorgeous nothings: Emily Dickinson’s envelope-poems / by Jen Bervin, Marta Werner.
2014 Folio 152  
Draft notation. By Jen Bervin.     
Zac B4633 D783 +2014                  
Dickinson composites. By Jen Bervin.
2013 Folio 4
Collection of artists’ books and related materials from Jen Bervin
2009 Folio 100   boxes 1 and 2
Desert: further studies in natural appearances / [prose poem adaptation] by Jen Bervin; [original text] by John C. Van Dyke.            
Zac B4633 +D45 2008