Literary Translation Workshop

March 23, 2020

By Nancy Kuhl

Resources for Peter Cole’s annual spring term Literary Translation Research Workshop
Mary Barnard – Translations of the Iliad & Sappho
Call Number: YCAL MSS 524, Boxes 1 (Iliad), 2 (Sappho), 12 (Correspondence from Ezra Pound)
Guide to the Mary Barnard Papers:
Dudley Fitts – Translations of Antigone, Oedipus Rex, and other texts
Call Number: YCAL MSS 296, Boxes 10 & 11
Guide to the Dudley Fitts Papers
Robert Fitzgerald – Translations of Iliad and Odyssey; translation notebooks
Call Number: YCAL MSS 222 Boxes 69 & 70 (Iliad and Odyssey) and 97 & 98 (notebooks)
Guide to the Robert Fitzgerald Papers
Langston Hughes – Translations of Nicolas Guillen, Gabrielle Mistral, Lorca others
Call Number: JWJ MSS 26 boxes 424-426
Guide to the Langston Hughes Papers
Al Poulin – Translations of Rilke
Drafts, revisions, correspondence (including letters from J. Galassi) concerning translations of Rilke’s The Duino Elegies and Sonnets to Orpheus
Call Number: YCAL MSS 635, boxes 5 & 6
Guide to the Poulin Papers and BOA Editions Records
Ezra Pound – Translations and Correspondence including materials related to Daniel, Three Cantos, Cathay, translations from the French, correspondence W. H. D. Rouse and Fennolossa
Call Number: YCAL MSS 43, Boxes 16, 45, 68, 70, 80, 100, 138
Guide to the Ezra Pound Papers:
Alice Raphael – Translations of Goethe’s Faust; heavily annotated and corrected by Raphael and William A. Speck and Carl Schreiber
Call Number: YCGL MSS 21, Boxes 4 & 5