New Langston Hughes Poems

February 12, 2009

The January issue of Poetry Magazine includes poems by Langston Hughes, recently discovered in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. The poems were uncovered by Penny Welbourne, a rare book cataloger at the Beinecke Library, where the Langston Hughes Papers are housed.The poems are written in pencil on the flyleaves of Hughes’s copy of An Anthology of Revolutionary Poetry. Welbourne easily recognized Hughes’s distinctive handwriting, which is well known to the staff at the Beinecke where his archive is among the most frequently consulted modern collections.

The poems’  appearance in Poetry Magazine is their first known publication. Please visit to see a facsimile slideshow of the original.

Images from the Beinecke Digital Library: Your and Your Whole race, by Langston Hughes; An Anthology of Revolutionary Poetry; Images form the Langston Hughes Papers

From Poetry Magazine:

Introduction: On Newly Discovered Langston Hughes Poems, by Arnold Rampersad

The text of the poems is available online at the Poetry Foundation website:

You and Your Whole Race

I Look at the World


More information about Langston Hughes on the Poetry Foundation Website:

Images: Your and Your Whole race, by Langston Hughes; photograph of Langston Hughes