New Scholarship: Margaret Woodward “Listening in the Anthropocene”

September 2, 2020

By Nancy Kuhl

Margaret Woodward, 2019 visiting Ruth Stephan Research Fellow at Beinecke Library, recenlty delivered a keynote address based on her research at the  “Listening in the Anthropocene” conference and exhibition hosted by Creative Practice Circle at Charles Sturt University.

From the program: The symposium, exhibition and resulting publication will explore the act and idea of “Listening in the Anthropocene” – listening to the land, to others, to difference, as encountered in embodied and virtual spaces. We ask how we might attempt to understand or interpret what is being said in languages we do not understand? How might we resist – even if just for a moment – adding our own noise to the noises of the neoliberal project of the Anthropocene: the clashing music of the shopping mall; the voices of AI; sounds that invade us? How might we listen out, or tune in, to the small, the subtle, the unnoticed?

Erratic Ecologies Field Station (image above), which Woodward and her collaborator, Justy Phillips, completed during their fellowship residency, is on view in the “Listening in the Anthropocene” exhibition.

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