Newly processed archival collections at the Beinecke, April through June 2024

July 8, 2024

By Mary Caldera

Beinecke staff have made available several collections and additions to existing collections, including:

New collections

20 Portraits: Women at Yale GEN MSS 1607

A set of twenty color photographic prints made by photographer Tanya Marcuse between 2019 and 2020 depicting portraits of women associated with Yale University. The portrait project was commissioned in commemoration of 50WomenAtYale150, a celebration of coeducation at Yale College. Marcuse aimed to “contribute to the mission of this anniversary by creating a poetic and subjective record of the power and diversity of women at Yale.” (40 prints)

Annie Allender Gould papers GEN MSS 2138

This collection contains correspondence, writings, printed material, photographs, and other papers by or relating to Annie Allender Gould, the Gould family, and Gould’s missionary work in China during the Boxer Rebellion. (3.5 linear feet)

Beatrice Tinsley papers MS 2130

The Beatrice Tinsley papers document the research and life of astrophysicist and Yale faculty member, Beatrice Tinsley (1941-1981). The papers consist of correspondence, work files, research notes, research proposals, grant reports, notebooks and workbooks, manuscripts, grant applications, and conference proposals and reports. Also included are materials covering topics outside of astrophysics, including papers and work on affirmative action and the recruitment of women to Yale. The material covers the approximate dates 1967-1981, with some posthumous material dating to 1993. (4 linear feet)

Cold War antidraft and pacifism collection GEN MSS 2137

This collection contains small groups of archival materials related to antidraft and pacifism movements in the United States including newsletters, memos, leaflets, letters, fliers, and other documents. (.42 linear foot)

Collection of erotic fiction reader pamphlets YCAL MSS 1621

This collection contains one hundred forty-five erotic fiction “reader” pamphlets, produced by multiple publishers. (1.67 linear feet)

Donald Whittaker collection of gay and lesbian ephemera GEN MSS 2134

This collection of ephemera contains postcard and handbill advertisements for events, products, services, and sexual health campaigns catering to the LGBT community. While many advertisements explicitly target a gay and lesbian audience, such as ads for clubs and bars, some advertisements are not specifically created by LGBT businesses or for an LGBT audience but are of interest to the queer community nonetheless, such as ads for Broadway musicals and certain products and brands. (.83 linear foot)

Gustaf Sobin Correspondence and Writings YCAL MSS 1620

Collection consists of handwritten correspondence from Gustaf Sobin to James Clifford, poetry typescripts, Sobin’s annotated manuscripts, poetry chapter books, and printed ephemera. Topics covered in the collection include the lifelong friendship between Sobin and Clifford, mental health, masculinity, marriage, family life, the creative process, finances, publishing industry, editorial feedback, life in France, and travel between France and the US.  (.63 linear feet)

Joshua P. Smith Collection of East German Underground Art and Photography GEN MSS 2128

The collection was assembled by American collector Joshua P. Smith and documents artistic production in East Germany from 1943-2000, with a particular focus on underground art under Communist rule in the former German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, or DDR). The collection includes photographs, works on paper, prints, and posters. (37.2 linear feet)

Karen Haberman Trusty Collection of Mississippi Freedom Project JWJ MSS 384

The collection chronicles Habermann Trusty’s involvement in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) between 1963-1964 and commemorative SNCC and civil rights-based events between 1980’s-2010’s. The collection contains administrative files, periodicals and clippings, ephemera, and audiovisual material. The collection contains materials related to other SNCC organizers and civil rights activists. Such as Dr. Endesha Mae “Cat” Holland, Dorothy Height, Matthew Jones, Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon, Mardon Walker, Betty Garman, and Dr. Robert Coles. (4.3 linear feet)

Leo R. Sack papers GEN MSS 2139

The collection contains correspondence, diaries, photographs, printed material, and other papers by, to, or relating to Leo R. Sack. It includes materials related to Sack’s service in World War I, his career as a journalist and speechwriter for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, his work for the Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s election campaign, and his involvement in the Zionist movement of the 1940s. (4.83 linear feet)

Lynn Nottage papers JWJ MSS 382

The Lynn Nottage papers includes correspondence, drafts, production binders, notebooks, family papers, print material, photographs, electronic files dating, and ephemera by or relating to Lynn Nottage’s (Yale Drama 1989) personal and professional life. These papers document Nottage’s career as a playwright and screenwriter, her creative and research processes, professional relationships with other playwrights and creators in the entertainment industry, as well as her personal life and family history. The bulk of the materials date from the 1980s to present. (32.42 linear feet)

Phillip T. Young correspondence and photographs JWJ MSS 387

The collection contains correspondence, photographs, and printed material documenting Phillip T. Young’s interest in jazz as a teenager. Correspondence includes letters from Theodore Carpenter, Rex Stewart, and Earle Warren. Collection also contains photographs - many of which are signed and inscribed to Phillip T. Young - of the Count Basie Orchestra, the Duke Ellington, Orchestra, as well as photographs of individual members and other performers such as Thelma Carpenter and printed material including programs from jazz clubs. (.25 linear feet)

Video Verité papers GEN MSS 2130

The Video Verité papers (1895-2022) include correspondence, production notes, film logs, transcripts, contracts, budgets, notebooks, research, photographs, negatives, awards, and press created by or relating to the film production company, Video Verite, and its owners, Alan and Susan Raymond. (68.58 linear feet)

Wright family papers GEN MSS 2141

This collection contains correspondence between Richard Wright and Hannah Wright and Peter Robinson, with related correspondence between members of the Robinson family and others. It also includes writings by Richard Wright, as well as correspondence and legal documents relating to Joseph Johnson Robinson. (2.67 linear feet)

Additions to existing collections

Black Oppressed People’s Party papers GEN MSS 2140

Malcolm X circular letter and a flyer. (2 items)

Bourne family papers GEN MSS 1438                                       

This accession contains correspondence, notes, writings, professional papers, and other materials created by or related to the life and work of the Bourne Family. (2.92 linear feet)

David Alan Richards Collection of Rudyard Kipling GEN MSS 1143

This accession contains printed material, artwork, and other materials related to Rudyard Kipling.

John Koethe papers YCAL MSS 600

The addition consists of correspondence, writings, writings of others, and awards. (3.88 linear feet)

Lesbian and gay liberation collection MS 1846

Additions contain a newsletter, flier, and letterhead stationery from the Gay Center for Social Services (GCSS), located in San Diego. GCSS. Now known as the San Diego LGBT Community Center, it is considered the second oldest LGBTQ+ community center in the United States. Gay Center for Social Services materials, 1973 – 1974.

Max Ewing collection YCAL MSS 656

This accession contains correspondence and other materials related to the life and work of Max Ewing. (.42 linear feet)

Merrill Joan Gerber papers YCAL MSS 1226

This accession contains manuscript and typescript drafts, proofs, notes, research, correspondence, and other related papers documenting Merrill Joan Gerber’s short stories, poetry, and novels, including The Kingdom of Brooklyn, Anna in the Afterlife, and King of the World. (25 linear feet)

Pamphlet collection MS 1351

ABC of the Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, 1917. (1 item)

Photographs Relating to European Occupation, Colonization, and Conflicts in North and East Africa GEN MSS 1508

Additional photographs filed in boxes 108-121. (7.25 linear feet)

Robert FItzgerald papers YCAL MSS 222

The addition consists of three scrapbooks, 1961-1984.

Robert Giard papers YCAL MSS 702

The additions contain Giard’s negatives, contact sheets, slides, professional papers, and printed matter and press coverage from events hosted by the Robert Giard Foundation. (24.5 linear feet)

Ruth Barcan Marcus papers MS 1993

The addition contains correspondence, reports, student records, and other papers, by, or related to Ruth Barcan Marcus. [Restricted until 2031] (.42 linear feet)

World War I collection MS 754

Additions consist of two diaries. Emil Milton Woerner (1894-1968), an American conscientious objector. Woerner served in a field hospital on the Western front during the final year of World War I, including work in support of the Meuse-Argonne offensive. Diary carried by an unidentified member of the 356th Ambulance company and field hospital, which was part of the 89th Infantry Division in World War I. The written narrative suggests the writer was from Lincoln, Nebraska. The diary contains accounts of the impacts of mustard gas attacks, along with notes and biographical information about the men with whom the writer served.

Western filmscript WA MSS S-1610

Multiple additions.