Paleographical Challenge #5

February 4, 2020

By Kathryn James

Today’s puzzle picured above for the Paleographical Challenge.  Suggested solution to yesterday’s challenge:

The youngest daughter of Kinge
Henrie the eight borne 1533. Beganne her
most blessed Raigne, and was crowned.
Queene of Egnland Fraunce, & Irelande,
1559. whome the devine Favours untill this
present, hath continewed hapie, in her most
Royall, triumphant, and victororious governe-
ment; the felicitie whereof, the Almightie in
the greatnes of his mercie continewe longe
to the never dienge ioye, and comforte,
of all faithfull subiects, And to the 
confussed shame of all
her Ma:ties Enemies.

From Morgan Colman, Genealogies of the Kings of England. England, 1592. Osborn fa56.]