Poets’ Landscapes

April 24, 2014

By Nancy Kuhl

Books for Professor Dolores Hayden’s course Poets’ Landscapes (AMST 381a/ARCH 351a), Spring 2014.
Desert: Further Studies in Natural Appearances / prose poem adaptation by Jen Bervin; original text by John C. Van Dyke.      
Zac B4633 +D45 2008                    
Dickinson Composites / Jen Bervin          
2013 Folio 4  
Pro Magenta; Be Met / Corina Copp      
Zac C793 P94 2011    
Nonconformist’s Memorial / Susan Howe & Robert Mangold          
Zab H838 +992N                 
Poems Found in a Pioneer Museum / Susan Howe             

Zab H838 2009P   

Open-book / M. Kasper            
Za7 Ug6 2010P
5 Meters of Poems = 5 Metros de Poemas / Carlos Oquendo de Amat ; [English translation, Alejandro de Acosta and Joshua Beckman]             

Zac B3891 F586 +2010  

In the Future / Ron Padgett & Bertrand Dorny 
Zab P133 994H Volumes 1-5
Stained Glass Windows of California: August 2010–January 2011 / [Julien Poirier]

Zac P755 St15 +2012

Thirty-Five New Pages / Lev Rubinstein; translated by Philip Metres and Tatiana Tulchinsky              
Za7 Ug6 2011T   

Greensward / text by Cole Swensen ; with graphic collaboration by Shari Degraw
Zab Sw40 2010G                             
Flare /  Cole Swensen & Thomas Nozkowski            

Zac Sw42 F614 +2009  

Applies to Oranges / Maureen Thorson
Zac T3988 Ap52 2011        
Eulogy–Favorite Clothes who Died in France, 1983 /  Erica Van Horn     
Zab V3115 +983E                
Odyssey, Paris 1982 / Erica Van Horn (pictured above)

Zab V3115 +982P

Thank you for the Window Office / Maged Zaher
Zac Z133 T32 2012