Robert Bolick on Erica Van Horn

January 4, 2021

By Nancy Kuhl

Writer and artist Erica Van Horn is featured by curator Robert Bolick in his Books on Books series: Books on Books: Erica Van Horn.

Bolick considers works from throughout Van Horn’s career, inlcuding her recent collaboration with artist Laurie Clark, Too Raucous for a Chourus, of which Bolick writes: “Imagine if Henry David Thoreau had had the sense to be born a woman and transported in space and time to consider Irish village and countryside life of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. With wry and gentle humor, he might have written something approaching Too Raucous for a Chorus.” READ the complete photo-illustrated article.

Books On Books aims to bookmark the evolution of the book — from the centuries-long movement of orality into literacy to tomorrow’s ongoing development of the codex offline and online. Its bookmarks range from the bibliographic to the paleo-weblographic, from incunabula to the e-incunabulum, from papyrus scrolls to scrolling screens and from the book arts to book art.

Images:  8 old Irish apples and 8 old Irish potatoes (2011); Too Raucous for  Chorus (2018)

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