Children’s Talk, English & Latin

An English-Latin grammar book for children, from 1673. 

The Volume

Childrens talk, English & Latin: divided into several clauses: wherein the propriety of both languages is kept: that children by the help of their mother-tongue, may more easily learn to discourse in good Latine amongst themselves: there are also numbers set down betwixt both, which do shew the place and natural use of any word or phrase, by Charles Hoole, Master of Arts, L.C. Oxon, teacher of a private grammar-school betwixt Goldsmiths-Alley in Redcross-street, and Maidenhead Court in Aldersgate-street, London.

London : Printed for the Company of Stationers, 1673

About the Volume

Text in English and Latin in parallel columns and title taken from page A2r; with an additional Latin title page printed on the verso of A1, reading Pueriles confabulatiunculae, Anglo Latinæ.