Leslie Marmon Silko Papers

The papers consist of writings, research material, and audiovisual material documenting Leslie Marmon Silko’s literary activity and output since the early 1970s. Writings in the collection include drafts and proofs for most of Silko’s major works, the three novels Ceremony (1977), Almanac of the Dead (1991) and Gardens in the Dunes (2000), the poetry and short story collections, Laguna Woman (1974), Storyteller (1981), Sacred Water (1994), and Rain (1996), and the essays Yellow Woman and the Beauty of the Spirit (1997). In addition to other shorter and untitled works, there are clippings, photographs, personal papers, and correspondence. Audiovisual materials in the collection consist chiefly of 35mm film for projects identified as “Telarana” and “Arrowboy.”