Expectations of Visitors at Beinecke Events

To download these expectations as a pdf, please click here: PDF iconExpectations of Visitors at Beinecke Events.pdf

  1. There are times that Beinecke has private events and only those invited may attend.  The Security Officer on duty can inform you as to whether an event is public or private.
  2. The reception for a public event is intended to be only for the individuals that attend the whole event.  Arriving at the end of the event or only to the reception when the event has ended is not permitted.
  3. Talking, eating, reading, arriving in a disruptive manner after an event has begun or being disruptive in any way during an event is unacceptable and disrespectful.  Continuation of this disruptive behavior once being asked to stop, will result in being asked to leave the event.
  4. Food provided at the event is intended for all attendees.  Please take a small sampling and move from the table so others can help themselves.
  5. Food and drink provided at the event is meant to be consumed on the mezzanine level only.  Food and drink should never be placed on an exhibit case.  Food and drink cannot be taken from the event or building.
  6. Rest rooms are for event attendees only. 
  7. Coats and bags are not permitted on the court level and must be left on the ground floor.  Coat racks and lockers are provided.  The Security Officer can provide you with a small, clear bag for personal items to carry with you.
  8. There is a 2 drink limit per person for alcoholic beverages.
  9. Intoxicated individuals are not permitted in the library.
  10. When the event has ended (the guest of honor has left, the caterers are removing the food, the bar is closed, the staff is cleaning up, etc.) it is time for our visitors to leave so the building can be properly secured for the evening.
  11. There are fire code and compliance rules that must be followed while the Beinecke is occupied.  If an officer asks you to not stand or sit on the stairs or to move from a specific exit or pathway, this is a safety issue and compliance is mandatory.
  12. There is also a maximum capacity limit for the building set by the Fire Code and Compliance Office.  If a representative of the Library tells you that the event is at capacity, you will not be able to enter/attend the event.
  13. During some events the Beinecke gives away small items to visitors.  It is intended that each person will take one, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  14. Beinecke staff will always treat our visitors in a very respectful manner and we expect visitors to show us the same respect.
  15. Continued attendance at Beinecke events is contingent upon following our rules and regulations.