Loan Requests

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Beinecke Library is temporarily unable to accept new loan requests.  Please check back here for additional updates as circumstances evolve.

The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library makes its collections accessible primarily through its reading room, class rooms, and publicly accessible repositories of digital facsimiles.  To assure that materials are available for investigation when scholars visit New Haven and to preserve them for future generations, Beinecke Library rarely lends to external exhibitions.

Beinecke Library is more likely to approve loan requests:

  • from non-profit academic and cultural institutions
  • to borrow unique or rare materials that cannot be borrowed elsewhere
  • for exhibitions that make major contributions to scholarship
  • for a limited number of items
  • for brief periods of time (typically three months), usually to only a single venue
  • for items which can be transported and exhibited without jeopardy

Requests to borrow material from Beinecke Library must be submitted to the Director of the Library well in advance of the exhibition installation.  Requests must be received at least one year before installation.

Formal requests must come from the director of the borrowing institution. Requests by guest curators, faculty, and others who are not permanent staff must also be made through the director of the borrowing institution.

Requests must include:

  • an exact list of the requested items, including title, author or creator, and call number. In addition, requests for books or other printed items must include the page opening, and requests for archival materials must include the box and folder numbers, and description of the items requested
  • the dates of the requested loan
  • a description of the planned exhibition including public programs and publications associated with it
  • names, email addresses and phone numbers of contacts
  • photography needs and approximate deadlines
  • insurance information
  • a detailed facilities report, preferably in the form adopted by the American Alliance of Museums

The borrowing institution will be responsible for all costs involved in a loan, such as insurance and shipping costs.  Transportation and shipping arrangements will be negotiated on a case by case basis to assure the safety and security of any items lent by the library.

Before items are loaned, approved borrowers must provide:

  • a loan form acceptable to the Beinecke Library, to be signed and countersigned by the directors of the institutions
  • a certificate of insurance or comparable indemnity

The Library may at any time revoke the loan agreement and/or retrieve its materials if the borrower does not comply with the terms of the loan. For more information, contact Rebecca Hatcher, Preservation Coordination Librarian.