Current Awards

Current Fellowship Awards June 1, 2023 - May 31, 2024

Walter O. Evans Fellowship for the Study of Slavery or Race

Evan Turiano, Queens College: The Politics of Fugitive Slave Rendition and the Coming of the Civil War

Short-term Research Fellowships

Jen Bervin: Measuring the Sun –

Eliza Butler: Georgia O’Keeffe and the Institutionalization of Modern Art

Ida Caiazza: Letters and Writings by and on Women in the Spinelli Archive and the Italian Castle Archive

Paolo Celi: The Vasari Papers

KJ Cerankowski: Roar of Wanting: Touching Trans History

Mark Dawson: Living with Smallpox in Early Modern England (c.1600–1800 C.E.)

Tasha Dobbin-Bennett: Thomas Pettigrew, ancient Egyptian mummies, and the development of modern embalming practices

Cheryl Dong: Why Don’t You Die For the People?  Memory and Martyrdom in the Black Panther Party

Thomas Fulton: Shakespeare’s Scripture: A Cultural History of the Geneva Bible

Mónica García: Women and War: Writing Practices, Emotions, and Representation. Comparative and Transnational Perspectives

Leo Garofalo: Afro-Andeans in Cuzco and a Black Pacific: Afro-Peruvians in the Highlands and as Sailors, Servants, Smugglers, and Shipbuilders on the Coasts of Spanish America and in the Transpacific, 1530s to 1690s

Fabiana Gibim: Mapping flames: Tracing and spreading radical movements from Europe and USA through readers at The Beinecke Library (1958-1980)

Sarah Gleeson-White: Wallace Thurman: A Critical Biography

Carolin Goergen: The California Camera Club, 1890-1900: The Emergence of a Californian Cultural Identity Through Collective Photographic Practices

Pedro Guibovich Pérez: Authors, Censors, and Books in the Viceroyalty of Peru

Joanna Hearne: Chickasaw Hollywood: The Fox Brothers and the Studio System

Amanda Johnson: ‘Beating the Drums for Ourselves: Native American Women and Activism in the Twentieth Century’

George Life: Illegible Genealogies

Regina Mason: Making A Case for William Grimes, the Runaway Slave

Ivy Monroe: Sissy Play: Feminization Erotica, Masculine Anxiety, and the Making of Sissies

Zachary Price: Staging Freedom: Lloyd Richards and the Making of Modern Black Drama

Nicole Rice: Hospitals, Reading, and Devotion in Late Medieval Europe

Anne-Christine Royère: Intermedial Poetry: Poetry, Art, and Media from the 19th to the 21st Century

Charles Sabatos: Czech-American Identity in the Writing of Zdeněk Nĕmeček

Emily Setina: The Circus: Kenneth Koch’s Life and Art

Jennifer Sperry Steinorth: To Illuminate the Life of a Singular American Poet, C.D. Wright

Michael White: Richard Mutt: Case Review. Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ from the perspective of law

Graduate Student Research Fellowships

Jonathan Victor Baldoza, Princeton University: Making Filipiniana: Knowledge, Nationality, and Citizenship in the Philippines, 1901-1945

Kate Birkbeck, Yale University: The Security of a Free State: Private Arms and Public Order in the United States and the World, 1865-1915.

Nathan Chaplin, University of Iowa: Surveying the Tropics, Constructing the Heartland: Identity Formation in Nicaragua and the Midwest

Jessica Cruz, Yale University: Archival Counterinsurgency: The weaponization of memory imbricated in the retellings of the Cuban Revolution across Latin America and the Caribbean from 1959 to the present.

Jareka Dellenbaugh-Dempsey, Emory University: Mundane Impairments: Making Disability in Colonial America

Dominique Duroseau, Yale University: mining Black eroticism | mining Black human body in literature:  representation, portrayal, tenderness, love, intimacy.

Shelly Feller, Emory University: Big Hole Energy: Sissification and the Anal Imaginary of Anti-Trans Feminism

Kristine Guillaume, Yale University: ‘On the Inside’: Networks of Communication, Resistance, and Censorship in Prison Journalism

Mariana Gutierrez Lowe, Northwestern University: Leslie Marmon Silko: Indigenous Women, Carework, and the Archive.

Mariana Katz, Columbia University: The Labor of the State: The Politics of Unfree Work in Nineteenth-Century Paraguay

Mei Kazama, Yale University: Understanding alternative narrative strategies through a Japanese diasporic lens

Adi Kumar, Yale University: Diasporic Response to India’s Emergency

Siri Lee, Yale University: Text, Image, Translation

Yolanda Mackey, Pennsylvania State University: Harlem and the Political Possibilities of Allyship’ Dissertation: Harlem Re-Imagined: Social Movements, Allyship and The Politics of A Black Diasporic Network

Elizabeth Mirabal Llorens, University of Virginia: Nostalgic Networks of Intimate Writing: Diaristic and Epistolary Discourses in the Nineteenth-Century Spanish Caribbean

Shira Miron, Yale University: Hermann Broch’s Musical Foundations

Isabelle Napier, University of Oxford: White allyship in world politics

Méabh Ní Choileáin, Trinity College Dublin: The Development of Irish American Children’s Literature, 1850-1940

Clara Nizard, Yale University: Epistemologies and Aesthetics of Motion around 1900

Emily Palombella, Boston University: Precious Speculation: American Gems and Geological Thought in the Long 19th c.

Federica Parodi, Yale University: A space within. 1968, selfhood and the politics of performance

Erin Pinon, Princeton University: The Illuminated Haysmawurk‘: Ottoman-Armenian Painting and Confessionalism in the Age of Print

Brianna Riviere, University of California, Davis: Reel Red Power: Indigenous Activism, Visual Sovereignty, and the Film Industry from 1960-1975

Doug Robinson, Yale University: Man, Angel, Giant

Sam Skynner, Yale University: Technology, Experimentation and Theatrical Consciousness in the work of Mary Ellen Bute

Richard Thomson, Cornell University: Montage and Mise-en-Page: Sergei Eisenstein in American Modernist Literature