Reproduction Orders

The Library offers a wide range of photoduplication services for materials in its collections to assist scholars in their research. See services below. To request reproductions, please send an email with the call number, or as much information as possible, to   The Beinecke is currently not charging for reproductions.

Many items from Beinecke’s collections have already been digitized and are available to download for free from our digital library.  Patrons are encouraged to check there before placing their order. 

All requests are subject to review by the Beinecke Access Services staff. The library reserves the right to revise an order due to preservation concerns or time constraints. If an order must be changed to a different format, the patron will be notified of the change. Charges may apply to complex and large orders requiring special handling.

Normal turn-around time is two to six weeks, although some formats can be produced in a shorter period of time. Turn-around time is dependent upon the complexity of the order and the format of the reproduction. If a deadline is involved, readers must discuss the timeline for reproduction orders with our staff.

Please note that some materials may be too fragile or too large to be scanned. Additionally, the Library may be unable to accommodate reproduction requests prior to and during the closing of a collection; please consult the closed collection list.

The Library’s provision of a  reproduction does not imply an authorization to publish or reproduce it.  Please see our Permissions and Copyright page for more information. 



TIFF file format*

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EXISTING TIFF file in the Digital Library

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New JPEG 2000 images

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Bookeye Scan NEW printable,color PDF image

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*We provide uncompressed TIFF image files, captured at 400 ppi in accordance with FAGI4 and MetaMorphoze color management standards, in 24 bit color, at 100% of the original size of the item. TIFF files are suitable for full-size, full-color publication. JPEG 2000 files available upon request.


Audio and Video Files

The reproduction or reformatting of audiovisual materials is dependent on the condition of the original and may take considerably longer than other formats.  Pricing varies depending on the original format.  Contact Access Services at to inquire about specific items.

Reproduction & Distribution of Electronic Files

Patrons may request reproductions of born digital archival materials. The Library may provide copies of born digital collections content in their native format, unless donor or other related restrictions prohibit this.  The Library may create and provide access copies of collections content in an appropriate modern format to render the content if it is necessary to firmly distinguish between original and access versions of a particular file or if the original format does not render correctly in modern computing environments. The Library will not provide reproductions of disk images.  Contact Access Services at to inquire about specific items.


The Library can also provide paper copies made from pre-existing microfilm (or, copyflo). A self-service microfilm reader/printer is available for patron use in the Reference Room, where readers may also create PDF files to save on a flash drive.  Contact Access Services at to inquire about specific items.