Rules of Engagement and Policies

Reading privileges are granted to registered readers to use Beinecke material, subject to the following rules: 

  1. Readers are required to deposit coats, hats, brief cases, and other personal property not essential to their work. Readers may take into the Reading Room only paper and books essential to their immediate research. Only yellow pencils are allowed in the reading room.  Pencils are available in the reading room and at every Library service point.
  2. Readers are to request material online using the Aeon system, supplying call number and as much bibliographic information as possible.
  3. Rare books and manuscripts (including born-digital materials) may be consulted only in the Reading Room, and no material may be removed from the building. 
  4. All material in the Library must be handled with great care. No marks may be added or erased. No tracings or rubbings may be made without specific permission. Born-digital materials may not be copied, emailed, or otherwise transferred from the Reading Room. No books, papers, or other objects (except the weights specially provided for holding books open) may be laid on or affixed to the material. The arrangement of manuscript pages must not be altered. 
  5. The use of pens or indelible pencils is not permitted in the Reading Room. Computers and microfilm readers are available. 
  6. All material must be returned to the desk attendant when the reader leaves the building. Material to be used in the immediate future may be reserved at the desk. 
  7. The Library will make various kinds of reproductions, subject to its regulations, which are available from the Public Services Department.
  8. All readers must agree to the University Non-Disclosure Policy: The materials that I have requested may contain Social Security numbers. I agree that I will not record, reproduce, or disclose any Social Security number that may be included in the materials that I have requested. I understand that violation of this Agreement may result in the loss of research privileges at Yale University
  9. Smoking is not permitted within the building. 

The Library’s security system includes the use of video taping in the Reading Room.