Classroom Use Guidelines

All visitors are asked to leave their belongings, including coats and hats, upstairs in the lockers and racks on the main floor. If articles of loose clothing (scarves, sweaters, etc.) are brought into the classroom then they should be either worn for the duration of the session or returned to the upstairs racks/lockers.  Please do not bring food or drink into the library.

Permitted items in Beinecke classrooms

  • pencils (no pens, markers, or indelible pencils of any kind)
  • loose-leaf paper or notepads (nothing spiral-bound)
  • laptop (no case)
  • eyeglasses (no case)
  • cell phones (on vibrate only)

Rules governing the use of Beinecke materials (for students and instructors)

  • During the class session, materials may be consulted only within the classroom. No Beinecke materials may leave the building.
  • Materials must be handled with great care. Every session in which students handle material will have a brief handling demonstration provided by Beinecke staff at the beginning of class.
  • Arrangement of archival manuscript pages should be kept in original order. Place-holders for folders in boxes will be provided.
  • No tracings, rubbings, or marks of any kind may be added or erased.

Rules governing the use of Beinecke classrooms (for instructors)

  • Every individual class session that convenes in the Beinecke must utilize Beinecke materials.
  • No more than fifteen items per unique class session may be requested.
  • Students and instructors must abide by “Rules Governing the Use of Beinecke Materials” above; the responsibility for adhering to these rules rests with the instructor.
  • Requests for materials must be submitted by the instructor through Aeon at least a week before the class convenes in order to allow for adequate processing and preparation.
  • Foams and weights will be provided to keep books open and minimize handling; books and manuscripts should never be removed from the foam cradles and then held aloft or passed around the room. If you feel that your session requires a non-traditional arrangement of materials, we are more than willing to work with you to find an acceptable compromise.