Beinecke Top Tens: Poetry outside of Books

April 5, 2014

By Nancy Kuhl

Examples of publications combining poetry and unusual literary formats:

Anna Banana, Mail Art Stamps, 1989-2005. YCAL MSS 254 (postage ptamps)

Amiri Baraka, “Answers in Progress,” Jihand Productions, 1969. (poster)

Gwendolyn Brooks, “Black Steel: Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali,” Detroit: Broadside Press, 1971. (poster)

Bumpers, [Victoria, Tex.]: Cuneiform Press, 2011. 2012 Folio 197 (bumper stickers)

Cold Mountain Press Poetry Postcards, Austin, TX, 1974. Za1 973 C674

Robert Creeley, “I Saw Delight” (An Alternative Press Bumper Sticker), [Grindstone City, Mich.]: Alternative Press, [1987]. BrSides Box 2001 52

Suzanne Heyd, Crawl Space, 2009. (commercial paint chips)

Underwood: A Broadside Anthology, [St. Louis, Mo.?: Underwood Reading Series], 2002. Za1 2004 +Un25 (event announcments)

Magnet Series, San Francisco: Sore Dove Press, 2012. Za1 2012 M274 (magnets)

Marianne Moore, “I Too Dislike It,” and Poetry Foundation logos, [Chicago: Poetry Foundation, 2008?]. Za7 P752 2008C (lapel pins)

Dave Morice, Poetry Comics, Iowa City: Happy Press, c1979-c1982. Za +Zp756 (comic books)

Signature Series Number One: Washington, D.C., Pyramid Atlantic, 1997. Za1 997 Si263 (postcards)

Buzz Spector, Memories, c1976. Zab Sp318 976M (pencils)

Streetfare Journal Transit Broadsides, 1980s.  2010 Folio S46 (bus and subway posters)

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