Paleographical Challenge #2

January 30, 2020

By Kathryn James

Today’s challenge pictured above for Paleographical Challenge.

[Suggested solution to yesterday’s challenge

To make inke
To make inke.
Take foure or fyue ounces of galls, three
ounces of vitriall coppresse, two ounces of
the whitest gumme arabeck, and a quart of
middle wort, beat the galls grosly, & put
those together into an earthen pott, iugg, or
glasse, & stirr them all together with a stick
once or twise in each day during a fourtnight.

A recipe for ink, facing an example of “Cloven hande,” in a notebook kept by William Hill in the early seventeenth century.

William Hill, Notebook, pp. 12-13. England, early 17th century. Osborn b234.]