Paleographical Challenge #28

March 6, 2020

By Kathryn James

Today’s puzzle pictured above for the Paleographical Challenge.  Suggested solution to yesterday’s challenge shown here:

honorabil cosin aftir the wishing of mouch ioye and hapinis
to you and your worthy knight I can but think my selfe
mouch inded for your leter to me. allthough the contetis in som
part. douth mouch trouble. that my daghter should geue such
occasion of ofence knoing hir desiers and likines to me hath euer
showed a desier to disaner your sone and kines which 
makes me hope ther may be a miis taking on both sides which
may be righted and will a gain before I can find to be thurely
satisfied of it which I must desier. and nowe I hope your La…

Draft letter from Lady Elizabeth Apsley, n.p., n.d.  From a collection of letters and papers by or relating to Elizabeth Apsley, ca. 1616-1630.  Osborn Manuscript File 312