Paleographical Challenge #30

March 10, 2020

By Kathryn James

Today’s puzzle pictured above for the Paleographical Challenge.  Suggested solution to yesterday’s puzzle shown below:

Septr 29
The Letters from Paris of the 28. inst say, yt
the King recd an Express with an acct of the
death of Tirconnall & yt Sr Alex Fitton
Neagle & Plouden had taken upon them the
Administration of the Civill Gout at Limrick
& Monsr d’Ussone, as Genll & Monsr de Teffe
under him the military Gout & that they were 
formally beseiged both by sea & land but to
prevent any motion of surrenderm they had
sworn all the Oficers & souldier to abide the
last Extremity & they would make all possible

Manuscript newsletter addressed to “Madam Pole of Radbourn near Derby,” September 29, [1691]. One of a collection of some 300 manuscript newsletters addressed to Pole, 1691-1695.  OSB MSS 60