Paleographical Challenge #56

April 15, 2020

By Kathryn James

Today’s puzzle pictured above for the Paleographical Challenge.  Suggested solution to yesterday’s challenge shown below:

The Jurors for our Sour Lord and Lady the King &
Queen doe Psent that you Mary English Wife
of Phillip English of Salem In the County of Essex
aforsd mrchant upon the twenty second day of
April … In the yeare aforesad by
diuers other days and times as well bfore as after
Certaine detestable arts called witchcraft & sorceries
Wickedly Mallitiously and felloniously hath used 
practised and Exercised and within the Towne of
Salem in the County of Essex aforesaid in upon &
against one Elizabeth Hobert of Salem

Indictment against Mary Hollingsworth English for bewitching Elizabeth Hobart of Salem.  Salem, Massachusetts, [April 22], 1764.  Gen MSS 764, Box 23, Folder 411.