Paleographical Challenge #64

April 27, 2020

By Kathryn James

Today’s guest manuscript arrives courtesy of Dennis Duncan and the 39 Step Press printing collective.  Check back tomorrow to find its identity and a suggested transcription on the Paleographical Challenge.

Suggested solution to Friday’s guest manuscript below:

Homicide is the Killing of a
man by a man
It is noe difference, whether
the slain be alien, denisen, or
Englishman, if he lives under
the Kings protection.
To Kill one attainted of trea=
=son or ffelony, or outlawed
for ffelony, or attainted in -
premunire, is ffelony.
Homicide is either killing-
himself ffelo de se, or another.
ffelo de se, forfeiteth to [th]e King
his goods & chattells, real & -
p[er]sonall, & his debts due by spe-
cialty, butt noe lands 

Thomas Davidson, The judicial and ministerial officie of coroner.  Northumberland, England, 1714.  Kislak Center for Special Collections, University of Pennsylvania, UPenn MS Codex 1565.