Paleographical Challenge #68

May 1, 2020

By Kathryn James

Today’s guest manuscript arrives courtesy of Alexandra Franklin, Coordinator of the Centre for the Study of the Book at the Bodleian Libraries. Check back tomorrow to find its identity and a suggested transcription, here on the Paleographical Challenge.

Suggested transcription to yesterday’s guest manuscript follows below:

The things that makes a life to Please
Sweetest Martiall, they are these
Estate inherited not got
a thankfull Feild, hearth allways hot
City seldom Law suits never
equally Friends agreeing euer
health of body, Peace of Mind
Sleeps that till the Morning bind

Elizabeth Lyttleton (daughter of Sir Thomas Browne), Commonplace book.  England, ca. 1670-1713. MS Add., 8640, p. 69, Cambridge University Library