Beinecke Top Tens: The Waste Land

October 25, 2022

By Isabel Prioleau

In honor of the centennial of T.S. Eliot’s landmark poem, The Waste Land, here are ten Waste Land highlights from the Beinecke’s collections.

1. The Waste Land: Typescript

YCAL MSS 34, Series III, Box: 20, Folder: 412

2. First Publication: The Criterion

Za Zc96, Folder: Za.Zc96.1:1

3. First American Publication: The Dial

Za Zd5, Folder: Za.Zd5.73:5 copy 3

4. First Editions

Za EL466 922W; Tanselle B53 0206; Gallup Eliot A6a

The Beinecke has ten options to choose from. To start, you might try the copy containing notes from Donald Gallup (Gallup Eliot A6a, Copy: 2), or the copy belonging to William Carlos Williams (Za EL466 922W, Copy: 4).

5. First English Edition

Gallup Eliot A6c, Copy: 1

6. Correspondence Between T.S. Eliot and Scofield Thayer

YCAL MSS 34, Series IV, Box: 31, Folders: 808-811

7. Correspondence Between Scofield Thayer and Ezra Pound

YCAL MSS 34, Series IV, Box: 38, Folders: 1070-1072

8. Correspondence Between Gilbert Seldes and James Sibley Watson

YCAL MSS 34, Series I, Box: 7, Folder: 261

9. Advertisement for The Waste Land

YCAL MSS 34, Series II, Box: 14, Folders: 339-340

10. Newspaper Clippings

YCAL MSS 838, accession 14, Box 78

This research was compiled by Isabel Prioleau, a student research assistant in the Beinecke’s Yale Collection of American Literature, and a member of Yale College ‘25.