Paleographical Challenge #57

April 16, 2020

By Kathryn James

Today’s puzzle pictured above for the Paleographical Challenge.  Suggested solution to yesterday’s puzzle shown below:

Thys boke belongeth vnto
Wyllyam Goodwyn earmette [i.e., hermit]
And now to me William Rop[er] knight / Anno 1620 /
And now to Antony Rooper esqr, June 1635
And now to Edward Rooper esq June 1643
And now to Henry Hucks Gibbs Nov 9 1882 (Sunderland Library)

Detail, inscription on titlepage verso.  Thomas More, The Workes of Sir Thomas More Knyght, Sometyme Lorde Chauncellor of England, wrytten by him in the Englysh tonge (London, 1557).  If M81 +a557 copy 2