Early Books and Manuscripts

The Beinecke Library is one of the most significant sources for history in North America and contains a rich collection of materials from the classical world to the Renaissance.
  • Visiting Voynich (Manuscript Road Trip)

    April 24, 2022

  • Interlaced geometric designs surrounding red and black text in the Syriac script.

    Hidden Gems

    April 18, 2022

    Hidden Gems Welcome to Hidden Gems , a series of short articles which highlight items in the Beinecke Library’s collection of rare books and manuscripts and...
  • An image of a manuscript page with a rubricated initial and black text in gothic script.

    Takamiya MS 98: An Excised Fragment of the Stafford Gower

    March 27, 2022

  • Hand colored print of Simon of Trent being tortured by Jews.  From Hartmann Schedel's Chronicle.

    Simon of Trent in Print

    February 19, 2022

  • An image of a manuscript page with illuminated and rubricated initials and black text.

    Osborn fa38: An Early Copy of Petrus Comestor’s Historia scholastica

    January 18, 2022

  • A manuscript drawing of a compass colored with yellow, red, blue and green pigment.

    Turkish MSS Suppl 184

    December 17, 2021

  • Meet the FAS Faculty: Anna Zayaruznaya

    November 30, 2021

  • Detail,  Persian MSS 165. Page featuring a small blue, red, and gold 'unvan or headpiece and Persian script in three columns.

    Persian Manuscripts

    October 21, 2021

  • A book with the title shown with the word Lycanthropie on the spine.

    A Dialog on Werewolfism

    October 18, 2021