Modern Books and Manuscripts

The collection of Modern Books and Manuscripts covers a wide range of subjects with strengthsin literature written in English outside the United States; American children's literature; the printing arts; LGBTQ writing; human sexuality and gender studies; playing cards;the history of hunting and fishing;and the history of finance.
  • Russian Satirical Magazines--Soviet Style

    May 4, 2009

    Buzotër (The Troublemaker) , nos. 1-3 (1924), 4-28 (1925), and 1-24 (1926). Three complete years, bound in two volumes, of a heavily illustrated Russian...
  • Bilibin's Folktales

    May 1, 2009

    Ivan Iakovlevich Bilibin, Skazki , 6 vols. (St. Petersburg: Expeditsii Zagotovleniia Gosudarstvennykh Bumag, 1901-1903). Cover of Skazki, no. 3 (May 18, 1902)...