Happy New Year–2014 Publications

December 23, 2014

By Nancy Kuhl

Selected 2014 Scholarship, Artworks, News, and Notices from the Yale Collection of American Literature (** indicates Yale student author or artist).  
Ben Glaser, “Folk Iambics: Prosody, Vestiges, and Sterling Brown’s Outline for the Study of the Poetry of American Negroes,” in PMLA 129 no. 3 (May 2014). 
**Sylvia McNamara Y ’15, “Landscapes of Violence in One Big Self,” written for Dr. Dolores Hayden’s class: Poets’ Landscapes, Spring 2014 
**Nate Sievert Y’17, “Wind,” a film produced for Professor Jessica Helfand’s spring 2014 freshman seminar on the color Blue.
Maren Stange, “Richard Wright’s African Photographs,” in Geography of Photography: American Photography, Vol. 2. Ed. Bettina Gockel. Berlin: Akademie Verlag
**Caroline Sydney Y’16, “Desire to Capture, Desire to Expose: The Scrapbook of H.D.,” written for Professor Laura Wexler’s Photography and Memory seminar, fall 2014